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August Energies - Starfire & Deep Soul Healing

Welcome to the month of August, with its sizzling energies, both dark and bright. The Lions Gate is bringing forth powerful frequencies, however, with Venus retrograde many are finding the energies particularly challenging at the moment. Stay strong. The combination of Sirian Starfire and opportunities for deep soul healing are all encompassing.

The month of August ignited with the Full Super Moon in Aquarius on 1 August, reflecting the powerful frequencies of the Lions Gate portal. This moon highlights the Leo Aquarius axis of the self-conscious individual, and the path of humanitarian service. You may have received some insights into the next stages of your path.

Leo is the sign of sovereignty and heart-centred leadership. This is what we are striving for in the new earth, so make the most of this time. The spiritual Leo is the radiant heart, shining in love, with strength, courage and vulnerability. Leonine qualities are creative, playful, dramatic, warm, passionate, spontaneous, stylish, courageous, bold, outgoing, daring and strong. The shadow of Leo is the need to be right, attention-seeking, bossy, drama queen, style over content, vanity and self-centredness. It all depends which centre you are operating from - the Heart is where the truth resides.

Leo is intrinsically connected to Sirius, which is rising now with the Sun, and very active at this time. Sirius is the "higher self" of our Sun, the Star to which we are all connected. Sirius is the star of Love Wisdom, the indigo ray which rules many souls at this time. This energy is rising in strength, stronger than the darkness, rising in power so we can do what we are here to do.

With the Moon Saturn conjunction on 3 August, we can start to get a feeling of what the transit of Saturn through Pisces means for us. There is an apparent contradiction with Saturn the planet of discipline and boundaries, in Pisces the sign of the infinite ocean, ethereal and flowing. This transit affects lightworkers, healers, psychics and artists very strongly, and you may find that you have to come up with new rules, and a new structure of working. Old structures may no longer work. Think in terms of fluid discipline - flowing organisation - intuitive leadership.

The Lions Gate portal is active until 12 August, and during this time it is possible to tune in and meditate on higher frequencies, connect to your spirit team and receive energy upgrades. The energies peak around the 8 August, due to the cycle of Sirius and its relationship to our Sun. Sirius is the “higher star” to our sun, and this is why so much energy is available to us at this time, when they are rising together. At this time we connect to the stargate of Giza, the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, and the cosmic energies flooding in with the solar rays of the sun. It is good to consciously meditate on this, and ask to receive the energy to upgrade your Lightbody.

The New Moon in Leo on 16 August is a Micro Moon. This is a good time for skygazing, as the moon is the furthest away from earth, and the sky will be dark (with no light pollution). This moon is a new beginning for your creative self, and unique self-expression. It is time to create something new. An aspect to Uranus brings unpredictable events, and a grand earth trine lends a supportive energy.

The Sun enters Virgo on 23 August, joining Mercury and Mars there, on the same day Mercury goes retrograde. The Virgo energies of precision and perfection will be strong in the collective, with the conscious self, thoughts and actions all ruled by this analytical sign.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo 23 August brings disruptions to communications, technology, and travel; with potential misunderstandings and delays over fine details. For the next three weeks it is best not to sign contracts or enter into new agreements. Ironing out the details of existing agreements is a good use of this influence. It’s also a good idea to check which house Mercury is moving through in your natal chart.

Venus is retrograde in Leo all month, and this is influencing people very strongly. Venus is the “higher self” of Gaia, and she governs all our relationships. Known as the Bright One, the Morning Star, the Evening Star, and the Light Bringer, when she is hidden from view, things can seem dark or uncertain. It is a time for the healing of relationships, clearing the past, releasing cords, and dissolving past trauma.

For a personal Relationship Healing session, Soul Mate or Twin Flame guidance click here and use code AUGUST10 at checkout for 10% off.

Venus will conjunct Black Moon Lilith between 4 – 12 August, exact on 8.8. This is when all that is hidden will likely emerge from your consciousness. Any areas where you are not being honest with yourself, dishonesty in relationships, suppressed feelings or lack of love and affection will make themselves known. Black Moon Lilith needs love and compassion – she is the Dark Goddess and simply wishes to be acknowledged. In Leo, she is something of an Opera Diva. This coincides with the peak of the Lions Gate energies, so it will be interesting to see what transpires! Expect an explosion of dark and light: we hold the frequencies, we hold the Light.

Venus will begin a new synodic cycle in the sign of Leo on 19 August, when She rises as the Morning Star. For the next nineteen months, the Leo Goddess Sovereign Queen will be influencing all our relationships, creative endeavours, and the way we use our gifts and talents. To join the Venus calls for the Descent of Inanna check my page for updates.

Mars moves into Libra 27 August and becomes the King of Swords, warrior of Divine Truth and Justice. The collective Divine masculine uses his mind, his intellect, his thoughts and words to bring justice and balance, and create a better world.

The month of August blazes out the way it began, with a Full Blue Moon in Pisces 31 August. Another Super Moon, this one is conjunct Saturn, bringing more of that sensitive yet strong Saturn in Pisces energy. To join the Pisces Moon online healing event check my page for updates.

So this month brings more heightened energies, solar lightcodes and upgrades, and deep introspective time to reflect. Remember to keep your centre and hold your balance. I am offering sitewide discounts on my sessions during the month of August, to help prepare you for the Autumn:

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I am looking forward to teaching Ascension Astrology in Luxor in October, a Foundation and Advanced Retreat. I will also be leading another Sacred Journey through Egypt in November – two or three places remain –get in touch if you are called!

Blessings of Sirian Light

Katy Sophia 04.08.2023

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