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As above, so below

As within, so without

How do you follow the star map to your soul?  Is there a divine guidance system that can show you the way? 


When you incarnate into this life, and you take your first breath, the pattern of the heavens mirrors your Divine Purpose and the field of cosmic potential. Your natal chart reveals your personal karma, the reason you incarnated into your birth family, how to heal relationships and karmic ties, and how you may find your soul family and true purpose.


As you polish the facets of your multidimensional soul diamond, your spiritual mission becomes clearer, and we are blessed to be able to shine light on this with evolutionary astrology. 


The birth chart is a mandala, or circular design.  The circle represents wholeness and completeness.  Your natal chart is a map of your soul intentions, potentiality and challenges for this life.  If you know how to read it, it can tell you all you need to know for guidance on your journey.  It can also point to remedies  that will bring you back into a state of balance and wholeness.

Far from locking you into patterns set in stone, knowledge of your Birth Chart can set you free, providing an accurate map of your mind, body, personality, spiritual longings, past lives and your Soul intentions for this life. It can help you to understand why certain patterns keep recurring, why particular obstacles are presenting themselves, while  highlighting your spiritual power and the key that will unlock your full potential.

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Sun:   Self, Identity, Life Path, Father, Future, Purpose
Moon:   Instincts, Emotions, Mother, Past, Soul Gifts
Mercury:   Mind, Intellect, Thoughts, Communication
Venus:   Love, Relationship, The Arts, Money, Female Aspect
Mars:   Will, Drive, Energy, Male Aspect
Jupiter:   Expansion, Travel, Higher Learning, Faith
Saturn:   Restriction, Boundaries, Discipline, Karma, Tradition, Authority
Uranus:   Rebellion, Change, Breakthroughs, Inspiration
Neptune:  Universal Compassion, Illusion, Dissolution
Pluto:   Transformation, Sex, Life, Death & Rebirth, Soul Path

Chiron:   Core Wounding, Ability to Heal

Black Moon Lilith:   Suppressed Power, Wise Woman Archetype

Ascendant:   Body, Personality, Doorway into Life, School of the Soul

Midheaven:   Career, Success, Public Persona

North Node:   Future Soul Trajectory, Life Challenges

South Node:   Past Lives, Shadow Traits

Personal readings

by Katy Sophia

Astrology Readings with Katy Keel

Katy Sophia has been a student of Astrology since her teenage years. Initially self-taught, she went on to complete her professional training with the London School of Astrology, studying with Frank Clifford and other notable astrologers. She follows a spiritual evolutionary approach, utilitising astrology as a tool for ascension. Katy writes a regular blog for Soul Radiance, and offers private consultations, talks and retreats. She loves the depth of knowledge that the chart reveals, how it can help you to  connect to yourself and gain precious insights that can change your life for the better. Our true potential is unlimited, and divine guidance is available if you ask.

Ascension Astrology Soul Path Reading

Tune into your soul path with an ascension astrology reading. This highly specialised reading will show you where to invest your time and energy, pointing you in the direction of your life purpose, and highlighting spiritual challenges. Your soul is on a journey that is not linear but multidimensional, and you are gifted with opportunities to transform and evolve along the way.

I specialise in working with the North and South Node, Pluto, the Moon, and the Ascendant to shine a light on the evolutionary journey of your Soul. The Nodes reveal the shadow traits that you are working through, and the qualities you need to build on to come back into balance. Discover the school of your soul, spiritual gifts, and the pure qualities of your soul group. Learn what your soul desires to accomplish, and how best to support your journey.

I offer a reflection on the sacred journey of your soul, with intuitive counselling and empathic guidance.

Holistic Astrology Reading with Remedies

I will study your chart and advise on holistic remedies for the issues you are working on, drawing on my extensive knowledge and experience as a healer and holistic therapist. Once I delineate your current transits and challenges, I  can offer energy activations, and natural remedies as appropriate. These may include crystals, essential oils, vibrational essences, energy healing, yoga and meditation. As an astrologer, aromatherapist, crystal healer and energy healer, I bring all this wisdom together for you to assist your sacred balance of body, mind and soul.

Astrological Services offered:

Astrology & Cartouche Reading
Ascension Astrology Soul Path Reading

Holistic Astrology Reading with Remedies

Natal Chart / Character Portrait

Relationship Chart / Synastry

Electional (Event date) Astrology Chart

Returning Clients' Transit Report

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