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Ascension Astrology

Personal readings
by Katy Sophia

Knowledge of your Birth Chart can liberate you on the path of ascension, providing an accurate map of your Soul intentions for this life. The chart reveals information on every aspect of your life, including past life karma and destiny. It can help you to understand why certain patterns are recurring, while  highlighting your spiritual power and the keys to unlock your  potential.

I offer one to one astrological consultations and writings on the current ascension energies. Understanding astrology is one of the keys to ascension. We live our lives within cosmic cycles, great and small. Self-knowledge enables you to transform yourself, and align with your purpose so that you can be of the highest service to others.

Astrology works well alongside energy clearing and upgrades, meditation, chakra healing, crystals and sacred oils. I will advise you on your natal chart and transits, healing remedies, and answer any questions you may have. I offer guidance on life purpose, work and career; family, origins and past lives; love relationships and twin flame guidance; and key transits and stages of your life.

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Katy Sophia

I am Katy Sophia, and I've been a student of Astrology since my teenage years. Initially self-taught, I went on to complete my professional diploma with the London School of Astrology, studying with Frank Clifford and other top astrologers. I've been practising for 15 years. I follow a spiritual evolutionary approach, utilitising astrology as a tool for ascension, integrating Esoteric Astrology into my work. I write a regular blog for Soul Radiance, and offer private consultations and talks. I teach my Intensive Astrology course online, and on the Astrological Retreat Luxor in Egypt.

I love the depth of knowledge that the chart reveals, how it can help you to  connect to yourself and gain precious insights that can change your life for the better. Our true potential is unlimited, and divine guidance is available if you ask.

Zodiac wheel

Astrology Readings with Katy Keel

Flower of Life

Ascension Astrology Soul Path Reading

Tune into your soul path with an ascension astrology reading.

This highly specialised reading helps to align you in the direction of your soul path and life purpose,  highlighting spiritual potential and the challenges you are facing. Your soul is on a journey that is not linear but multidimensional, and we are gifted with opportunities to transform and evolve along the way.

I specialise in working with the North and South Nodes of the Moon, Pluto, and the Ascendant to shine a light on the evolutionary journey of your Soul. The Nodes reveal the shadow traits that you are working through, and the qualities you need to build on to come back into balance. I also integrate Esoteric astrological teachings into this reading, which give an even deeper insight into your sacred path.

A reflection on the sacred journey of your soul, with spiritual counselling and empathic guidance.


Soul Mate /Twin Flame Reading

A synastry chart relationship reading shows you deep soul connections with your soul mate /twin flame, and illuminates the true nature of your relationship. Is it karmic, soul mate or twin flame?

The chart shows the soul path for each person, and how you connect and activate each other. Understand the true nature of your connection, the strengths and insights you bring each other, your blind spots and weak areas, and any lack of compatibility.

It will also highlight karmic connections, and show you which areas of life you can best assist each other. In a love relationship, sometimes it helps to see exactly where you are less compatible and experience friction, to understand what you are teaching each other, and to be able to interact with more harmony and grace. A synastry reading can show you the deeper connections beyond initital attraction, and see how your relationship would fare long term.

Pentragram of Venus

Cycle of Venus Reading

A specialised reading for those who connect with Venus and the Goddess, or simply to focus on relationships. See where Venus is in your chart, by sign, house and aspect, and what this means for you in terms of relationships. Not only this, I will read for you the Metacycle of Venus and the sign it began in, and where your Venus is within the eight year cycle. This will give you a broader view of where Venus was dancing within her mandala at your birth. What is your purpose in sacred relationships? What is your highest expression of this energy?

Venus' Synodic Cycle creates an five pointed star or flower as she dances between the Earth and Sun. The synodic cycle takes eight years to complete. The minor cycles within this last around eighteen months. Observing these cycles, and Venus' Chakra gates, can shine a light into your relationships and sacred calling.

This reading can be booked in conjunction with Relationship Healing, and a Synastry Chart Twin Flame /Soul Mate Relationship Reading.

Heart Chakra

Holistic Astrology Reading with Remedies

A personal Astrological consultation for your holistic health.

You can come with any issue you are dealing with, and you will receive a Natal chart reading specifically for this issue, drawing on my extensive knowledge and experience as a healer and holistic therapist.

I will advise you on which remedies would be appropriate to strengthen your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health, and bring your life back into balance. Remedies may include energy clearing and activations; working with essential oils; crystal therapy; spiritual life coaching; meditation; yoga and fitness; health and nutrition; working with the elements; and other remedies as appropriate. As an astrologer, aromatherapist, crystal healer and energy healer, I bring all this wisdom together for you to assist your sacred balance of body, mind and soul. I will devise a holistic programme for your wellbeing. 

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