Hathor Foundation    

Hathor Foundation


A charitable foundation for women and girls in Luxor, providing assistance for female health & wellbeing by offering counselling, advice & complementary therapies.

"Let me be the hands, eyes and voice of the Goddess" 

Our Vision

Born of a vision from Hathor, that the women of Luxor and the surrounding areas should have access to holistic and complementary care for a broad range of female health and wellbeing issues. The foundation will assist women suffering from life traumas which could include bereavement, loss, sexual abuse, assault, domestic violence; marital issues, divorce; and female health including fertility, pregnancy, post-natal, female health conditions, miscarriage, FGM. This will help to bring healing, balance and empowerment to these women, thereby benefiting the community at large.

What we will offer

Counselling, Coaching & Advice

Counsellors will be Egyptian Arabic speaking, connecting with the local women. We will go on to offer classes and workshops as we identify areas of need. Counsellors may be invited to come from Cairo and other parts of Egypt.

Holistic & Complementary Therapies

We will begin by offering massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, and hands on healing such as Reiki. We will extend the scope of the holistic therapies as the foundation progresses. Holistic therapists do not have to speak Arabic, as an Arabic speaking centre manager will be present. We will be inviting holistic therapists to travel to Luxor and volunteer at the centre.

Yoga Therapy

We will offer yoga classes for wellbeing, mental and physical health, also pregnancy and post-natal yoga. Yoga teachers do not have to speak Arabic as we will have a translator present. We will be inviting yoga teachers to travel to Luxor and volunteer at the centre.

If you feel called to be a part of this vision, please register your interest via the contact form below. Let us know what you would like to offer and if you would like to volunteer in Luxor.


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