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Egyptian Cartouche

Egyptian Cartouche is a system of divination through a set of oracle cards designed by Murry Hope.  They give highly accurate readings, and you can work with the symbols for healing, meditation and protection.

If you connect with the mysteries of Ancient Egypt and symbols such as the Ankh, Scarab, and Eye of Horus, then it is likely that you will be aligned with them and benefit from their frequencies.  The cards include symbols for Isis, Osiris, Hathor and Bast, the elements and other powerful symbols. You can meditate on the Neteru and the elements to help you embody certain qualities, and improve your wellbeing in different areas of life.

The Neteru and Egyptian symbols are frequencies of consciousness that we can work with and embody. The ancient Egyptians had 360 senses, which is unfathomable today, however if you think of consciousness as a wheel, and these as degrees on the circle of eternity, then you can begin to understand how connecting with the Neteru can activate and awaken our consciousness, and assist us in becoming more whole human beings.

I work with various layouts to highlight what you are going through, and the energies taking shape around you.  I offer Astrological spreads in combination with astrology readings, focused spreads to answer specific questions, and timeline spreads to assist you with timing.

I work with the Cartouche symbols combined with Sekhem healing, and show you how to use them as Talismans to bring their frequencies into your life.  This is a powerful way of continuing the healing, energy protection and manifestation.

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