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EGYPT Sacred Journey November 2024

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Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat
The Alchemy of Isis
9 November 2024

A sacred journey and sisterhood retreat through the land of Egypt. On this trip we will connect deeply to the Goddess, working with Sekhmet, Hathor and Isis. Our group will enjoy private meditation time in the temples, and priestess initiations at the Temple of Isis.


*Hathor Activation in the Temple of Denderah

*Private Access with Sekhmet - Sacred Initiation

*Private Access at Philae Temple - Priestess of Isis Initiation

*Private Access in the Great Pyramid of Giza - Soul Healing Ceremony

What does it mean to be a Priestess of the Goddess?

As we travel in our group of soul family along the Nile, to the pyramids and sacred sites of ancient Khemet, you will experience a reawakening.

Reawakening to Who You Are and Who You Were, a reawakening of All you can Be.

This trip is for those who are strongly called to the priestess path.

With daily chakra meditations and sharing circles, this will be a safe space for your personal healing. We will work with sacred oils, chakra activations, energy, mantras and sound. As we travel and connect to the temples and stargates, personal, collective and planetary healing is our aim.


As we work with the Divine alchmey of Isis, you will find your life is completely transformed.

The major temples and sacred sites hold specific chakra activations. We will connect to the Neteru /Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, in many sacred places, enjoying meditation time and private access in the temples. We have private access with Sekhmet at Karnak, as we work with the Lioness Goddess to transform obstructions. We connect deeply with the joyful Goddess Hathor at Denderah, and when we reach Aswan, we will initate with Isis and Osiris. Our trip culminates with Private Access in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

As we visit temples sacred to the God/dess you may reconnect to your ancient lives. This will provide insights and revelations as to your Soul path in the now.

Along the way, there will be opportunities to meet local people, visit orphanages and help the children, and offer assistance to the poor. Our organisation is affiliated with various charities that help women, children and orphans through education and the relief of poverty. We are committed to ending child marriage and FGM.

On this journey of a lifetime, you will have the opportunity to experience Egypt in a conscious, friendly group; connect with soul family; embrace your soul work; and to experience a new birth as you reconnect with your ancient lives, returning and reawakening to embody your true soul essence. 

Dates: 9 - 22 November 2024

Places are limited to 12 participants - booking is now open

All enquiries:

Isis Temple

Our Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive in Luxor: our rep will meet you at the airport, assist you with your luggage, and check you into the 5* Luxor hotel. Our group of spirit travellers will meet for our first circle on the banks of the Nile, and enjoy a welcome dinner together. 

Luxor Temple at night: our trip starts with an evening visit to Luxor Temple, lit up in splendour, as we are guided through this temple arranged in the shape of a human being. Many footsteps have walked this temple, including Ramesis the Great, Tutankhamun and Queen Hatshepsut. We will meditate in the ascension room, the holy of holies.

Luxor Temple at night

Day 2: Abydos - Temple of Seti I: one of the most beautiful and mysterious temples in Egypt, this temple contains seven chambers for the seven chakras and the seven major neteru. A pilgrimage place of Osiris since ancient times, this temple built by Pharoah Seti I has striking colours and well preserved reliefs. Here we connect to the deep, watery energy of Abydos, place of Nun and Nunet, and the Divine Masculine energy of Osiris.

The Osirion: the ancient Temple of Osiris is sunken into the ground behind the Temple of Seti 1. Here you can see the Flower of Life on the columns. The most ancient temple in all of Egypt is where Isis found the head of her beloved Osiris. The Neter of nature and fertility, always shown in green, he died and was resurrected by Isis, allowing them to conceive their son Horus, before he died again and became Lord of the Underworld.

Denderah - the Hathor Temple: we journey on to Denderah and the Temple of Hathor. This temple was a centre of healing and medicinal treatments, and had a healing pool in the grounds which people would travel to from miles around. Hathor relates to motherhood, fertility, love, magic, and all aspects of childbirth and feminine health. The wife of Horus, her temple is a mirror image of the Horus temple. Our group will enter the crypt which is a sacred place of meditation, and connect with the energies of Hathor. We will see the location of the famous Denderah Zodiac, and the chamber of the Resurrection of Osiris. We will also be allowed on top of the roof, which was a place of stargazing for the priestesses.

Denderah Temple

Day 3:

Karnak Temple: we will visit the magnificent Karnak Temple, gateway to the mysteries, and spend the day meditating there while being guided around by our English speaking Egyptologist. This temple is dedicated to Amun Ra, the great hidden God, and is the largest temple complex in the world. The altar of Amun is where the sun rises on the winter solstice. It contains many smaller temples to different Neteru, such as Osiris Lord of the Underworld, Khonsu the Moon God, Opet the Great Mother Goddess, and Sekhmet Mut.

Private Access with Sekhmet: our group will enjoy private ceremony entering through the seven gates of Sekhmet into the Temple of P'tah. We will spend private time inside the Chapel of Sekhmet, with the Lioness Goddess of healing power. Sekhmet emanates the Sekhem energy, the "Power of Powers", and the Violet flame. Here you will be able to meet Sekhmet and ask her to transform your obstructions.

Sacred Lake

Day 4: Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at sunrise: the mortuary temple for Pharoah Hatshepsut is built directly into the rock face, and considered to be one of the most stunning temples in Egypt. Hatshepsut declared herself to be the daughter of Amun Ra, and she built her temple lined up precisely with Karnak. Here we will tune into the energies of the Divine Feminine and this powerful Pharonic Queen.

Medinet Habu: the morturary temple for Ramesis III is a beautiful, lesser known temple aligned with Deir El Bahri and the Golden City of the Sun.

Collossi of Memnon: these iconic collossi are part of a temple which is slowly being uncovered year by year.

Valley of the Kings: visit to the Valley of the Kings, where we will see royal tombs including the tomb of Tutankhamun and others. Optional visit to the Tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens.

Check into Nile Cruise: our private Dahabiya sailing boat awaits us, where we will enjoy a welcome lunch and set sail for Edfu. A Dahabiya is truly a sublime way to experience the Nile river, in comfort and privacy, close to the water, under the sky. 

Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Day 5: Temple of Horus at Edfu: we arrive at Edfu and visit the beautiful Temple of the Falcon God. Horus represents the Living Pharoah, the Divine Masculine, and the Victorious one. We will connect with the sacred exalted masculine energy and the breath of life, to balance the Divine Feminine. We sail on and spend our second night on the boat.

Sacred barque

Day 6:  Gebel-el-Silsila: this was an important sandstone quarry site for the temples of the eighteenth dynasty to Greco-Roman times. Many intriguing shrines and stelae can be found here, in this, the birthplace of temples.


Day 7: Temple of Kom Ombo: this imposing temple is dedicated to both Sobek and Horus. When Horus went to war with Set, Ma'at decreed that this sacred space be shared. There is a holy of holies for both, and the temple is split down the middle. Here we meditate on the Victory of the Light over the darkness, and the victory of the higher self over the lower self. The high frequency energy of Horus the Elder is contrasted with the deep kundalini energy of Sobek the crocodile deity, an aspect of Set. We spend our third night on the boat, as the crew regale us with a traditional Egyptian celebration party.

Kom Ombo temple

Day 8: Arrive in Aswan: we arrive at Aswan and check into our hotel.

Philae Island Temple of Isis: we will take a small boat to Philae Island, the "Pearl of Egypt", and the great Isis Temple. This temple has the heart vibration and the energy of Mother Isis herself, Queen, High Priestess, Spiritual Master, Alchemist and Great Magician. Here we meditate on anchoring this energy into the heart chakra. Isis was able to use her magic to discover the secret names of Ra, and after putting the pieces of her husband back together, she restored Osiris to life. It is believed that she found his Heart at Philae. This is how she resurrected the sacred Divine Masuline.

Isis Temple

Day 9: Priestess of Isis Initiations at Philae: the culmination of our priestess journey, we have private access at the Temple of Isis at Philae Island at dawn, for our sacred ceremony.

Explore Elephantine Island: we will enjoy a peaceful afternoon on Elephantine Island, home to the Temple of Khnum, the Ram headed god of creation.

Optional boat trip to the Nubian Village at Gharb Soheil for tea and explore the spice markets

Day 10: Optional Trip to Abu Simbel: early morning drive through the desert to Abu Simbel, the Temples of Ramesis and Nefertari. These temples are stunningly beautiful, in a peaceful location by Lake Nasser. The Temple of Nefertari has the Love vibration as she was the most beloved Queen of Ramesis.

Abu Simbel

Day 11: Flight from Aswan to Cairo:

Egyptian Museum: our guide will explain many important artefacts inside

Transfer to our Giza hotel with pyramid views

Day 12: Saqqara: we will spend the day at the Saqqara necropolis, and our group will go inside the Step Pyramid of Djoser which has recently opened. We will visit the Pyramid of Unas and view the pyramid texts; and see many other tombs and sites including the mysterious Serapeum, the place of Osiris and the sacred bulls.

Pyramid of Djoser

Day 13: Private Access in the Great Pyramid of Giza: the pinnacle of our trip, we will visit the Pyramid before dawn, with the stars overhead. Our group will enjoy a private soul healing ceremony in the Kings Chamber, where the greatest transformations can occur. We will meditate and tone, with crystal bowls, and our group will have access to the Queens Chamber, and also the Subterranean Chamber underneath the pyramid.

Khan el Khalili: an optional afternoon trip to the famous bazaars of Islamic Cairo for those who wish to explore the colourful sights, sounds and aromas of Egypt.

Farewell Dinner: We bid our soul family farewell, and give thanks for divine connections and blessed experiences, ready to carry the energy of ancient Egypt into our daily lives. 


Day 14: Departures from Cairo: flights home

Kings Chamber
Ram headed sphinxes

What's Included:

13 x nights in Egypt

Transfers to and from the Airport

Internal flights from Aswan to Cairo

5* Hotel Accommodation

4 x night Dahabiya Nile Cruise

All travel and transport within the trip

Hotels: Breakfast

Nile Cruise: Full Board

English speaking Egyptologist Guides

Entrance fees to all sacred sites

Private Access with Sekhmet

Private Access at Philae Temple

Private Access in the Great Pyramid

Private meditation time in the temples

Meditations & Chakra Activations

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Ceremonies

Sunrise ceremony at sacred site

Priestess of Isis Initiations

Horus temple

What's not Included:

International flights

Egypt Visa

Tipping Money

Spending Money

Some meals, snacks and drinks

Optional activities

Book your outbound flight to Luxor

and your transfer will be waiting for you at the airport. If you wish to arrive early and book extra nights that can all be arranged.

Book your return flight from Cairo

Gebel Silsila

Trip Price

Full price: £3,750 13 x nights all inclusive

Rooms are based on luxury twin sharing

Single Person Supplement: £800

For your own room for duration of trip

Application by email - zoom call on request

All prices are in GBP

All enquiries: 

Or fill in a Contact Form

Katy Sophia

Katy Sophia - Retreat Facilitator

Katy is a transformational facilitator of spiritual retreats at power sites around the world. With 20+ years experience in holistic healing, meditation, astrology and group work, she assists participants to transform their inner obstacles and find self-empowerment. Her soul work is in Egypt, where she met her twin flame.

Katy has led retreats and sacred journeys in Egypt, Glastonbury, and Europe; she holds womens' circles and meditation groups online. She is Creatrix of Goddess Heart Red Tent, Divine Feminine Healing in Avalon, the School of Ascension Astrology in Luxor, and Sophia Healing. An experienced facilitator, energy healer and guide, she brings love, peace and sacred wisdom to empower and transform.

Contact Katy Sophia for a session

Veronica Nilah

Veronica Nilah - Sound Healer & Plant Spirit Ceremonialist

Veronica is the founder of Sothis Temple, a multisensory and multidimentional experience where Sacred Sound, Sacred Scents & Sacred Art meet in unison to expand consciousness - nurturing healing, self-discovery and spiritual growth - supported by Ancient Wisdom, Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries, Plant Consciousness and Plant Spirit Medicine, Inner-Alchemy and Direct Revelation.

A multidisciplinary intuitive healer for 17 years, she adeptly combines elements of Alchemical and Sekhem energy healing, Aromatic and Reflex Oriental Medicine and Shamanism in her Sound Healing Baths. Veronica offers Sacred Cacao, Sacred Oils and Sacred Blue Lotus Initiations & Ceremonies, Sound Journey, Sound Baths, First Moon (Menarche) Ceremonies, Ceremonies of Closure & Beginning.         IG @sothistemple

Let Katy take you on a sacred journey to Karnak and the Temple of Sekhmet. Commune with the fierce Lioness Goddess of Healing to transform obstructions and negative energy, empowering your Solar Plexus and activating you in your strength and power.

This meditation helps to prepare you for entering the Temple of P'tah. We will enjoy private time with the Goddess Sekhmet in our group.

Our Accommodation

On arrival in Luxor we will stay at a very special 5* hotel on a beautiful part of the Nile. You will be able to rest after your journey in a spacious luxury room, and wake up to the Nile river outside your balcony.  In Aswan, we are staying on Isis Island in another beautiful 5* hotel. You can enjoy walks in the gardens, swimming in the pool, or relaxing in one of the many seating areas, lounge bars or restaurants. We will travel down the Nile for four nights on a Dahabiya, traditional Egyptian sailing boat, with private cabins below deck, a lounge area, dining room, and a gorgeous upper deck for dreaming, journalling and watching the Nile go by. There is space for yoga and our meditation circles as we glide through the land of Khemet. In Giza, we stay in a wonderful hotel with pyramid views, right by the pyramids of Giza.

Optional Extras

Throughout the trip there will be opportunities to experience Egyptian life, meet the locals, and try fun activities if the mood takes you:

Hot Air Balloon Ride over Luxor

Lifting off before sunrise from the West Bank, you will experience sunrise over the Nile from the air, and see the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Valleys, and the temples and sights of Luxor


Visit an Orphanage

There will be a chance to visit Sunshine Home Luxor and meet the children and fine young people there. They are always glad of a visit, and appreciate any gifts such as sweets, books or clothing

Camel Rides in Nubia

When we arrive in Aswan, you will be able to go by camel to the Nubian village and explore the spice markets and coffee shops, and the warm greeting of the people there. Option to swim in the Nile

Boat Trips in Aswan

The Nile in Aswan is wide and beautiful, and you can take a small boat island hopping. You can visit Elephantine Island and the Temple of Khnum, and lesser known places which are very sacred

Local Cuisine & Coffee Shops

Throughout the trip we will visit authentic Egyptian restaurants and sample local cuisine, and of course Turkish coffee in atmospheric coffee shops

Khan El Khalilli Bazaars

The famous bazaars of Cairo, a network of narrow streets full of colourful market stalls and shops. There will be opportunities to purchase fine Egyptian cotton, perfume oils and spices, gold and silver jewellery and cartouches, papyrus, alabaster, trinkets & gifts

Hot air balloons
Nubian village
Camel rides in Nubia

Forever grateful for this... beautiful, life changing experience

"The retreat in Egypt was amazing. My life is forever changed. My conscious mind hasn’t totally comprehended it all but I feel it so deeply at a cellular level. As each day evolved I would think, “This was my favorite temple/site” until the next day came. Each day built on the day before and continued for me throughout the journey. The last early morning inside the Great Pyramid was magical, other worldly, and standing in front The Great Sphinx was very moving. It is hard to find words to describe the depth of emotion of all that I felt. Simply beautiful.

All of our needs were taken care of and everything flowed perfectly. The guides were so knowledgeable and they had so much passion for all they shared with us. Having private access with our group in chambers at the temples, away from the crowds, was amazing.

Katy, you are a beautiful soul with a beautiful heart and you guided us with such grace and love. I’m forever grateful for this group of women you brought together to create such a beautiful, life changing experience."

Cindy Osborne, Holistic Healer, US

Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat

The temple energies will change you... most definitely for the better

"What an incredible, amazing experience this journey has been!!

Katy was an incredible host - kind, intuitive, and passionate about Egypt. The guides she uses are a wealth of knowledge. I could not have imagined a more beautiful experience. The temple energies will change you in ways you may not expect, but most definitely for the better. If you are thinking about it, stop thinking and just do it! You won’t regret it "

Joslyn, Holistic Therapist, New York

Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat

Truly a spiritual ascension trip... each day was more magical than the next

“Traveling to Egypt with Katy was truly an unforgettable experience!  I was hesitant due to travel restrictions and a lot of obstacles coming up for me (flights changing, cancelling, etc.).  She called me and assured me that I was probably going to have a huge breakthrough with all of the challenges beforehand.  She was right.  I landed and the first night was an evening to a temple with a walk down the avenue of the sphinxes. It was truly a spiritual ascension trip with other healers and guides that were a part of the group.  Each day was more magical than the next, discovering temples, hieroglyphics, tombs, watching drum making, drum ceremony, meditations and getting downloads of the truth and a new reality that is possible for all of us.  We were always spotted a mile away by the guards, seeing us as healers entering the space.  They could feel our energy, some of them welcomed it and some were afraid of it.  Regardless, we each had our own journey of spiritual growth, love connection, marriage proposals, and secret adventures to locked and protected sacred sites we would have never seen on our own.  The guides she hired were passionate, knowledgeable and spiritual.  If you are going to Egypt, you must go with Katy!  It will truly change you forever and touch your heart in ways you can never imagine..."

Charissa Sims, Meditation Teacher and Healer, Colorado 

Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat

Laughter, tears, joy, remembering, dancing, and more with soul sisters

“When I saw Katy's advertisement for her Sacred Priestess Journey to Egypt, it was as if all the signs and hints I'd been getting over the last few years suddenly made sense. I had to go. This was no small feat for me, to commit to something like this for myself, and I am so very glad that I did.

We spent 2 weeks exploring beautiful temples and tombs, sailing on and swimming in  the Nile, visiting pyramids I didn't know existed, being given access to places I thought I'd never visit and being guided by wonderful, spiritual beings who really got why we were there.

There was so much laughter, tears, joy, remembering, dancing, music making and more with this group of soul sisters, who I had never met and now feel deeply connected to.

At one very special point in our trip, I was stood on a sun disk, and I heard the words 'life will never be the same again' and this is so true. I am forever changed by this sacred journey.

Thank you Katy and thank you to all who came together to make this a trip of a lifetime.”

Melonie Syrett, Drumwoman, UK

Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat


Egypt is a place on the earth, and it is also a place in your soul

“This sacred journey to Egypt was a “trip of a lifetime”. One of the most profound shifts in consciousness that I have had as a result of this trip, is that Egypt is a place on the earth, and it is also a place in your soul.  Traveling to the sacred sites, breathing the air and getting the sand in my shoes was a way to activate the sacred gifts that Egypt had to offer to my soul.  One could spend a whole lifetime trying to intellectually understand our human journey through Egypt, but this journey is a soul journey of many lifetimes.  At each of the sacred sites there were soul memories and activations that washed through me. Traveling with Katy and a group of like spirited women allowed for these activations to be acknowledged and supported.  Sailing along the Nile on our very own vintage boat was a sensual and magical experience.  We stepped out of time and into the realm of the goddess to be nourished and supported on our healing path.  We laughed, cried, danced, ate delicious food and enjoyed this time for ourselves.  Although we did all of the (main) sites, with Katy as our guide, I did not feel like a tourist. I felt like a pilgrim coming home. ”

Lora Solomon MSN FNP, US

Sacred Journey & Priestess Retreat

A deeply empowering place that... blasted my heart wide open

"It is hard to put into words what I experienced on my journey to Egypt with Katy and our incredible group of women.  First off I had no desire to go to Egypt but it kept calling me and showing up in my world so I began my search for a retreat.  I knew that If I went it had to be a spiritual retreat that went beyond the surface level of the traditional tours. 
When I came across Katy’s website and read the incredible intinerary I immediately knew I had found my retreat.   Egypt was so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is a deeply empowering place that has awakened caged up power within me, and blasted my heart wide open.  It gave me the courage to release the things and people in my life that were safe and comfortable allowing me the space to grow beyond my fears, and false limitations.   It was the perfect way to end a year of self work.  I am new blank canvas ready to paint my masterpiece.
So if you are ready for transformation and Egypt has been calling you I highly suggest Katy and her retreat. 
I am forever grateful to Egypt and most of all the beautiful soul sisters I gained on this journey."

Amanda Beisel, Consultant, Canada

Divine Feminine in Egypt

Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever

"There is no other place on Earth like Egypt! Visiting its extraordinary sites which still hold the ancient high vibrational energy is absolutely transformational.
It has been my dream since I was in my teens and joining Katy Sophia’s retreat made my dream come true.
The immersion in the ancient sacredness of the temples has been very profound for me and all of us collectively. I didn't feel like a tourist visiting another country but like a priestess returning home to the temple. It was an empowering process that clarified my connection with Egypt. Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever. I came home to myself, the anxiety has dissipated, the fears burned away and my Soul surrendered and melted into the waters of the Nile, from where everything germinates and is born anew.
What was truly special about this trip was the relaxed pace Katy Sophia created with plenty of space of time for all of us to be in the temples and sites we visited. This was very important for me as I couldn't have been rushed while living such a profound connection felt on a cellular and vibrational level.
All my needs were met. Katy made sure we were all happy and the organization of the trip was exceptional and more than I imagined it would be. Having as a guide the guardian of the Karnak temple added to the learning experience and the sacrality of the visit as his knowledge comes from the ancient Mysteries School and he explained to us the iconographic representation on a deeper level.
We saw things of a breathtaking beauty, we meditated in the most beautiful sites and we sailed in the most magical river in the world.
I will be forever grateful to Katy for making this trip possible for me and if I had done it by myself I wouldn't have had the blessing of all this trip offered including very special new friendships.
Thank you Katy Sophia, LOVE YOU!" ❤🙏

Nilah Veronica Massa, Holistic Therapist /Artist, UK

Divine Feminine in Egypt

Excellent ***** Five Stars
"The itinerary and organisation were excellent.  The accommodation was very comfortable & all well appointed.  We loved overlooking Great Pyramid!  Our Egyptologist Guides were exceptional - as well as being extremely knowledgeable & delightful people they were also very helpful & took care of any issue in the background.  

The Private Access visits were very special & made the trip for me.  Not sure I can (say what I enjoyed most) as I loved the whole ‘journey’…  JUST LOVED the whole experience!  There was just the right amount of ‘guiding’ and time to enjoy on our own… not over organised which I liked.  Thanks Katy :-) A trip of a lifetime!"

Lyra Crawford, Sound Healer, UK

Soul Alchemy in Egypt

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