I am offering you a 20 minute call to connect and see how I can be of assistance with your personal transformation and healing. 

I work with astrology, energy medicine, coaching and guided meditation to clear blocks, release trauma, reveal your spiritual gifts, and shine a light on your path.

I look forward to connecting!

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Would you like like to feel more:

Empowerment   Self Esteem   Confidence Wellbeing          Peace        Contentment  

Happiness          Harmony         Balance

Improved Mood       Creativity       Joy

Passion      Heart      Meditation      Grace

Gratitude          Focus         Direction

Manifestation       Healing       Alignment

Connection      Belonging      Stability      Trust      Faith      Improved Communication

Community       Honesty          Bliss

Would you like less of these:
Stress          Anxiety         Fear          Depression

Loss of confidence         Low self esteem

Lack of self belief    Relationship problems

Trauma         Abuse         Emotional issues

Ancestral karmic patterning

Past life wounding           Hyper sensitivity

Overwhelm       Victimhood       Suffering

Poverty consciousness

As a Wayshower I can show you how to come back into balance, into alignment with your Soul Path, and apply appropriate remedies so that change really takes hold and blossoms in your life.  Once you commit to the journey, your Life will never be the same.

Training & Certifications

Certificate in Astrology (London School of Astrology LSA)

Executive Coach & Leadership Mentor - Diploma ILM

Personal Development Coach - Hanover Foundation

Usui Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher (RASA)

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner /Instructor

Sacred Activations Mastering the Masters Practitioner

Akashic Records Practitioner

All Love Sekhem Practitioner

Initiated Channel of Celestial Resonance

Crystal Healing Therapist

Holistic Aromatherapist - TIDHA

Angel & Tarot Reader

Maya Abdominal Therapist - ATMAT

Holistic Massage Pracititioner

Women's Circle Facilitator

Complementary Therapists' Association Member: CThA

Contact Katy or email info@katykeel.com