The Cycle of Venus

The Cycle of Venus contains a great mystery of cosmic order, harmony and beauty. Venus is the Earth's twin in space. The same size as Earth, she rotates in the opposite direction. Venus is named as the Roman Goddess Venus, the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, who is also Inanna, Ishtar, the Queen of Heaven; the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Relationships, Sexuality, and the Divine Feminine. In astrology, Venus is the feminine aspect, love, relationships, beauty, talent, money, and the principle of attraction. This is why she relates to money and abundance, as we attract these to us with our energy. Her planetary opposite is Uranus whose energy repels. Venus is a personal planet and her energy affects us very strongly.

Venus has an 8 year cycle in which she traces a 5 pointed star, and an 8 pointed star between the Earth and the Sun. Her synodic cycle lasts 584 days, or approximately 19 months. During the 8 year cycle, Venus aligns with the Earth and Sun 5 times, for 5 synodic cycles, drawing the cosmic pentagram. She orbits the Sun 13 times. The octagonal cycle is created every 8 years when she returns to the same point in the sky where she began.

From October 2018 to May 2020 Venus completed a synodic cycle as the Libra Meta Goddess. This cycle brought issues of harmony and balance to relationships. Strong in her own sign of sacred balance and beauty, as the Goddess Ma'at she weaved the threads of cosmic order into our lives. You may have noticed issues arising in relationships relating to the balance of masculine and feminine energies, giving and receiving, power and aquiescence, and the Divine Feminine being acknowledged.

In June 2020 Venus began a new synodic cycle as the Gemini Meta Goddess, which will last until December 2021. She is here to bring sacred playfulness, creativity, communication and magic into our relationships. The cycle began with the Inferior Conjunction on 3 June, while Venus was retrograde, and she rose before the Sun. At her Direct Station on 25 June, she began moving direct, becoming more and more brilliant as the Morning Star.

On 17 July she reaches the first Chakra Gate, the Crown Chakra, the Gate of Authority

Inanna the Queen of Heaven begins her descent towards the Underworld, and removes her Royal Crown. This is the time to meditate on opening the Crown Chakra, and clearing any blocks here.

On 13 August she reaches the second Chakra Gate, the Brow Chakra, the Gate of Percepion

Inanna the Queen of Heaven reaches the second gate, and surrenders her Royal Staff, or Lapis Wand. This is the time to meditate on opening the Third Eye, and clearing any blocks here.

The Synodic Cycle of Venus 2020 - 2021

03.06.2020    Inferior Conjunction             17.44 GMT                 13.36 Gemini

25.06.2020    Direct Station                         06.49 GMT                 05.20 Gemini

13.08.2020    Max Elongation West            13.14 GMT                 05.32 Cancer

26.03.2021    Superior Conjunction           06.58 GMT                 05.50 Aries

29.10.2021    Max Elongation East             14.56 GMT                 23.20 Sagittarius

19.12.2021    Retrograde Station                10.36 GMT                 26.29 Capricorn

The Venus Chakra Gates 2020 -2021

17.07.2020   Gate 1 –Crown Chakra -The Gate of Authority (removing her Royal Crown)                  13 Gemini

13.08.2020   Gate 2 –Brow Chakra -The Gate of Perception (removing her Lapis Wand)                   05 Cancer

14.09.2020   Gate 3 –Throat Chakra -The Gate of Communication (removing her Necklace)            09 Leo

13.10.2020   Gate 4 –Heart Chakra -The Gate of Compassion (removing her Golden Breastplate) 13 Virgo

13.11.2020   Gate 5 –Solar Plexus -The Gate of Personal Power (removing her Ring of Power)       20 Libra

13.12.2020   Gate 6 –Sacral Chakra -The Gate of Creativity (removing her Hip Sash)                         27 Scorpio

12.01.2021   Gate 7 –Base Chakra -The Gate of Manifestation (removing her Royal Robe)               04 Capricorn

11.02.2021   Gate 8 –Earth Star Chakra -The Death by Intent Gate                                                       12 Aquarius

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