The Cycle of Venus


The Cycle of Venus contains a great mystery of cosmic order, harmony and beauty. Venus is the Earth's twin in space. The same size as Earth, she rotates in the opposite direction. Venus takes her name from the Roman Goddess Venus, who is also the Greek Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. She is one and the same as Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, and the ancient Sumerian myth of the Descent of Inanna relates directly to the passage of Venus through the heavens. In astrology, Venus relates to the feminine, love, relationships, receiving, beauty, talent, money, and the principle of attraction. Her planetary opposite is Uranus whose energy repels. Venus is a personal planet and her energy affects us very strongly.

Venus has an 8 year cycle in which she traces a 5 pointed star, and an 8 pointed star between the Earth and the Sun. Her synodic cycle lasts 584 days, or approximately 19 months. During the 8 year cycle, Venus aligns with the Earth and Sun 5 times, for 5 synodic cycles, drawing the cosmic pentagram. She orbits the Sun 13 times. The octagonal cycle is created every 8 years when she returns to the same point in the sky where she began.

The Meta Goddess and the Chakra Gates

Each synodic cycle begins in a different sign, and this sign is known as the Overtone, or Meta Goddess of that Venus cycle. The signs will gradually shift after a certain number of years. During this 19 month cycle, Venus appears as the Morning Star, begins her descent into the underworld, disappears from view, and then reappears as the Evening Star and begins her ascent back to the heavens. Every month, she makes a conjunction with the Moon, and these Moon Venus conjunctions are known as the Venus Gates or Chakra Gates. So we have the journey of the Descent of Inanna, as Venus traces her beautiful pathway, allowing us to connect with the Divine Feminine and release our obstructions, going through a shamanic death and reclaiming our gifts and our sacred power.

In June 2020 Venus began a new synodic cycle as the Gemini Meta Goddess, which will last until December 2021. The Gemini Goddess is all about the magical inner child, sacred playfulness, creativity, communication and light. During this cycle we have had opportunities to bring these qualities into our relationships. That sense of youthful hope and optimism, joy and fun, and the rainbow light which can create miracles.

New Venus Cycle beginning January 2022 - The Capricorn Meta Goddess

Venus will begin a new synodic cycle in January as the Capricorn Meta Goddess. Venus Journey details will be posted soon.


Venus Metacycle Reading with Katy Sophia

Your personal reading with Katy to see where Venus is in your chart, by sign, house and aspect, and what this means for you in terms of relationships. Not only this, Katy will read for you the Meta cycle of Venus and the sign it began in, and where your Venus is within the 8 year cycle. This will give you a broader view of where Venus was dancing within her mandala at your birth. What is your purpose in sacred relationships? What is your highest expression of this energy?

This reading can be booked in conjunction with Relationship Healing, and a Synastry Chart Twin Flame /Soul Mate Relationship Reading.