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Ascension Coaching

Ascension coaching is like alchemy. Your life contains elements which can be transformed into gold.  I offer guidance on the path, with practices and energy activations to accelerate your development.

As a trained Life Coach & Mentor, Spiritual Teacher & Healer, I offer you the very best resources, wisdom and channelled guidance to allow your brilliance to shine.

Coaching on Life Purpose

I offer transformational coaching on finding your Life Purpose, how to align with it and fulfil your soul potential. The life purpose is shown in the natal chart, and specific energy techniques can clear blocks and activate your gifts and abilities.

Twin Flame Ascension

As a twin flame in sacred relationship, I offer guidance on the twin flame ascension path and the spiritual challenges and soul tests therein. How to recognise soul mates and catalysts; karmic relationships and their purpose; and the spiritual and tantric practices that will help you to move forward and clear the obstacles in your heart.

​I offer guidance on your journey, supporting You to Be all you can Be and embody your Divinity. I work with the best coaching techniques, energy alchemy, meditation practices and divination tools, to shine a light on your path from a Soul perspective. Once you fully connect to your Soul, the Light within is your guide. 

All things can be transformed.

  • Ascension Coaching Session

Once you have found the beginning of the Path, the Light of your Soul will show you the way


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