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Ascension Coaching

Ascension coaching is like alchemy. Your life contains elements which can be transformed into gold. I work with spiritual coaching techniques, together with energy clearing and activations to accelerate your development.

As a trained coach & mentor, teacher & healer,
I offer you the very best resources, wisdom and channelled guidance to allow your brilliance to shine.

Coaching on Life Purpose
I offer transformational coaching on
Life Purpose, how to align with it and fulfil your soul potential. The life purpose is shown in the natal chart, and specific energy techniques can clear blocks and activate your gifts and abilities.

Soul Mate /Twin Flame relationships
I offer guidance on sacred relationships,
and the soul tests we go through to find sacred union. There are many kinds of soul connections; twin souls and soul mates, catalysts and karmics. I teach spiritual and tantric practices that will help you to move forward, purify your sexual energy and clear the obstacles in your heart.

I work with the best coaching techniques, energy alchemy, guided meditations & akashic readings, to shine a light on your path. Once you fully connect to your Soul, the Light within is your guide.

  • Ascension Coaching Session

Once you have found the beginning of the Path, the Light of your Soul will show you the way


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