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Learn Astrology with Katy Sophia

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Intensive Astrology Training: Zoom Classes

Do you feel a connection with Astrology? 

Would you love to learn about it in greater depth?

Would you like to know how to intuitively feel the planets?...

And master the art of Chart Interpretation so you can give readings?

I am excited to be offering a series of Intensive Astrology courses, to really allow you to dive deep and connect with the astrological energies, giving you the skills to intuitively navigate the chart. 

I was previously teaching the courses in person, in London, as three day intensives. I am now offering online training via Zoom, which allows for discussion between participants, question and answer sessions, and the experience of connection with a group.

These courses are suitable for beginners, and those who have some astrological knowledge, to build a stable foundation on which to add more layers of learning as desired. I teach from a spiritual evolutionary perspective, with guided meditations to connect with the planetary energies, and enable intuitive chart interpretations. 

I specialise in Ascension Soul Path readings, and I bring this depth of knowledge into the classes. The groups are fun, friendly, enlightening and transformative! There will be plenty of time to work on your own chart and come to a greater understanding of your Divine purpose and spiritual gifts.

Intensive Astrology 1 - The Planets, Signs & Houses

Online course via Zoom over three days

Intensive Astrology 2 - Planetary Aspects & Chart Interpretation

Online course via Zoom over three days

Intensive Astrology 3 - Transits, Progressions & Forecasting

Online course via Zoom over three days

Intensive Astrology 1: The Planets, Signs & Houses


Intensive Astrology 2: The Aspects & Chart Interpretation


Intensive Astrology 3: Transits, Progressions & Forecasting

Course Payment Options:

Intensive Astrology 1, 2 or 3

Single Course: £395

Intensive Astrology 1 & 2 / 2 & 3

Pay in full: £777

Intensive Astrology 1, 2 & 3

Pay in full: £1,111

For more info, and to book please email:

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