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Sacred Tour of Egypt - Pilgrimage of Souls


Pilgrimage of Souls - Egypt

April 2025


Exclusive private meditation tour through Egypt in April
This ten day journey will include the White Desert, Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, Siwa Oasis, and Tel el Amarna, as well as the temples of Luxor, Denderah, Abydos, and the Giza Pyramids. We have our own private transport and guide, and will stay in guesthouses, living simply, honouring the land and the Egyptian way of life.

This is a deep quest of soul, with a nomadic feel, journeying through the desert to Siwa, place of the oracles.

The spiritual focus will be on soul purpose and destiny, working with the Goddess and the Neteru.

We will be stargazing in the desert, and doing sacred ceremony, daily chakra meditations, and connecting with temple energies.



Application by email:

Places are limited

Trip cost: £2,000

Deposit required to secure your place: £800

All inclusive of food, accommodation, transport, guide, entrance tickets, airport transfers, meditations & ceremonies

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