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Energy Healing with Katy Sophia

We are evolving and changing, and we have access to higher spiritual dimensions and truths than ever before in our lifetime.  These are truly exciting times to live in. While there is much turbulence going on in the world, it is ever more important to hold fast to your sacred calling, and anchor your frequency, so that you can fulfill your divine purpose and play the role that you came here for.


Shifting into 5D

We are all connected to Source, and the energy and light codes in the Sun's rays come from Sirius, which is the higher frequency of our Sun, and the Great Central Sun which is the Source of all spiritual light and power in our universe. We all have access to this new energy, it is helping us to heal, grow, and awaken at a rapidly accelerated rate. We are able to enter fifth dimensional consciousness and live on purpose, once we align our chakra column to the Source frequency.

Ascension Symptoms

Many people are experiencing "ascension symptoms" ranging from headaches, insomnia, excessive tiredness and sleeping, feeling overwhelmed by energies, itchy skin, achey joints, ultra-sensitive, sensitive hearing, and symptoms in all the chakras.  It is important to understand what is occuring, when these are not medical symptoms, and to take care of yourself with holistic remedies to bring your system back into balance.


Dark Nights of the Soul & Healing the Shadow

On the ascension path, you will experience dark nights of the soul. In order to know the light, we must live through all the unhealed aspects of ourselves, and experience the results of negative karmas, past traumas, and whatever is buried in the psyche. As we ascend, the darkness comes to light to be healed. Your shadow is your unhealed anger, fear, pain and suffering; and it is also your hidden greatness, your sleeping light, your untapped potential. Once this energy is released and alchemised, you will free up vast reserves of life force energy.

The Shift

As we shift into 5D, many people are still living in 3D consciousness and this can cause severe communication issues. As the Earth also shifts, many people have no idea what is happening and need assistance and support. Although it may seem like everything is falling apart, know that you are shifting, so that you can play your role in waking up the people around you.

Chakra Activations & The Merkaba

One of the first things I recommend is activating the fifth dimensional 13 chakra system.  This opens up your energy body and allows more positive spiritual power into your life, sharpening your intuition, facilitating healing, and bringing a deeper understanding of your soul purpose. Once you awaken your chakra column, you can begin to activate the Merkaba, the Star Tetrahedron that surrounds your energy field. This will strengthen and protect your energy, and expand your abilities.


Once you being on the path of awakening, your kundalini will naturally begin to activate. You may have already experienced kundalini awakenings. People experience this in many different ways, ranging from sudden and extreme, to gradual awakenings. You may experience energy buzzing in your feet, as the kundalini often activates from the feet upwards. You may feel energy moving around your body, and it can feel like electricity, tingling, or surges of sexual energy moving upwards through the chakras.

The Kundalini is the "sleeping serpent power" that resides in the root chakra at the base of the spine. Through the process of enlightenment, it moves up through each chakra to the crown. The chakras are vortices on the central channel, Sushumna, which flows along the spine. Ida and Pingala Nadi are the female and male channels, lunar and solar, on the left and right of the body. This knowledge has been held in India and Tibet for thousands of years.

The kundalini can be activated through life experiences, meditation, tantra, and strong sexual experiences. Twin flames activate each other's kundalini when they meet.

Light aura

Sirian Isis Energy Healing

Katy works with this unique form of channelled healing which is a complete Energy Medicine. This quantum level healing awakens, activates and transforms on a cellular level; working through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; healing the genetics and ancestral line, multidimensional lives, and soul essence. It facilitates energy upgrades and shifts; & awakens you to your starseed origins and mission as appropriate for each soul.

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