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Eternal Embrace - A Journey of Twin Flames by Katy Sophia

The twin flame journey inspires the most divine love poetry. The journey into 5D cannot be described any other way. Ethereal words from the beyond, from the author's own journey into twin flame love, which she found on her soul journey to Egypt. Past life connections led her there, and her spirit guides assisted her to create a spiritual journey through the sacred land of Khem. After many soul tests and obstacles, she led her second group to Egypt in 2018 and met her twin flame on the banks of the Nile. She describes their first meeting, when their eyes locked and their souls merged. Their lives have never been the same.


This kind of meeting is an earth-shattering soul recognition, and brings nothing less than complete transformation of your old life. Family, friends and circumstances must all undergo intense upheaveal, as the soul energies are integrated and the twins form their alliance. The author illustrates the trials and tribulations of long distance love, separation and reunion; and through poetry, touches the heart of this deep sacred love.

Poetry can uplift, poetry can resonate, poetry can heal. It touches something in your soul and reaches into your inner space, giving heart and courage for your journey. The path of ascension through pure love and devotion is a journey through fire, water, earth and sky, into the eternal bliss of consciousness.

Eternal Embrace by Katy Sophia is available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback

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Celestial Sky - Poetry for the Soul

by Katy Sophia

Poetry for the Soul - celebrate the beauty of life and the vibrancy of nature. Reconnect with your true essence as a human being and dive into the mystery. From the solar rays and celestial sky to the deep the ocean and the depths and heights of loving, be still awhile and reflect on the divine spark within.

The poet's deep mystical reflections and soul musings are born of an endless desire to touch the mysterious aspects of life, the hidden currents that flow through our everyday experiences and the core of our soul's journey.

"Katy Sophia has put together a beautiful collection of poems, a narrative of her own story, which also shines a light and mirror into the Soul’s quest for Love and Union. Her words touch the heart with ancient memories of the sacred. Over the years I am blessed to have this beautiful soul as friend, fellow healer and creator. She is the real deal, a guiding light, and a messenger of divine love."

Kathleen Dutton, Artist, Poet & Healer


"Eternal Embrace, A Journey of Twin Flames by Katy Sophia is an experience that transports you to an ancient space and time, in the eternal flame of love. Evocative and captivating, this poetry collection touches, inspires and ignites a spark in your heart."

Veronica Nilah, Artist & Holistic Healer

Celestial Sky by Katy Sophia is available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback

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