Eternal Embrace - A Journey of Twin Flames by Katy Sophia

The twin flame journey inspires the most divine love poetry. The journey into 5D cannot be described any other way. Ethereal words from the beyond, from the author's own journey into twin flame love. Poetry can uplift, poetry can resonate, poetry can heal. It touches something in your soul and reaches into your inner space, giving heart and courage for your journey. The path of ascension through pure love and devotion is a journey through fire, water, earth and sky, into the eternal bliss of consciousness.

Katy Sophia has put together a beautiful collection of poems, a narrative of her own story, which also shines a light and mirror into the Soul’s quest for Love and Union. Her words touch the heart with ancient memories of the sacred. Over the years I am blessed to have this beautiful soul as friend, fellow healer and creator. She is the real deal, a guiding light, and a messenger of divine love. 

Kathleen Dutton, Artist, Poet & Healer


Eternal Embrace, A Journey of Twin Flames by Katy Sophia is an experience that transports you to an ancient space and time, in the eternal flame of love. Evocative and captivating, this poetry collection touches, inspires and ignites a spark in your heart.

Veronica Nilah, Artist & Holistic Healer

Eternal Embrace by Katy Sophia is available on Amazon Kindle & Paperback

Eternal Embrace

I go to sleep 
And I feel your embrace 
Like the kiss of a thousand stars on my body
We glide into the elements 
On a magic carpet ride until dawn

I hear your voice
It soothes my soul across the distance 
Music vibrating every cell of my body 
Constantly affirming love
The truth is I never left you
You say

Ever since our first embrace 
When we kissed for the longest time
Activated each other’s kundalini like never before 
Ignited a thousand fireworks 
And one eternal flame

The truth is
Day and night
Night and day
We never stopped embracing

Your soul
I can never get enough of it
Like diving into the ocean

You are
Eternally wild

This truly is the dance of life
Constantly embracing 
Ever evolving 
Like a flame dances
Electrifying Light

You set my spirit free
And our spirits know
How to dance

By Katy Sophia

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