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Twin Flame Truths - Soul Mates, Karmics, Twin Flames & the Path of Ascension

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Twin flames. Everyone seems to have an idea about what they are, and much of the information out there is conflicting and confusing. The truth is something you feel in your soul, and teachers can only point the way. If this is your path, you will have a deep inner-standing of what twin flames are. I write from my experience as a twin flame, and maybe you will resonate with some of my words.

I am sharing my twin flame journey as a book of poetry, as I feel this is one of the only ways to express the inexpressible beauty and the spiritual fire of twin flame love, other than pure love itself.

I also want to bust some myths, which my psychic senses tell me are false. Some of the popular ideas about twin flames are too rigid, almost religious. When you put yourself into a rigid framework, you limit your freedom to connect with the spontaneous expression of life. Life is flow, love is flow. There are no rules, life loves to break them.

The first thing I notice is that suddenly everyone seems to have a ‘tf’. The word has become synonymous with love and romance, soul mates and heartbreaks. Twin flame does not mean true love. Your true love is not necessarily your twin flame. If you have a strong feeling for someone and then they leave, it does not mean that they are your twin flame and they are running.

Many people google “signs of twin flames” and I find this can have the tendency to make people lazy when it comes to using their own intuition. The twin flame journey is about connecting to Source, and becoming strong in your inner knowing. When you know how to read the signs of the world, you will not have to google every sign you come across. It is ok to research things, but a sign in the moment is speaking directly to your intuition. Trust it. It is a language, and, just like when you try to look up what your dreams mean, things can get lost in translation.

There are many kinds of relationships in our lives, and often people get confused about the nature of their relationship. This is sometimes a case of “you can’t see the wood for the trees”. It is also like climbing a mountain. You can see as far as the height of your ascent. It is only from the pinnacle that you see the entire panorama, and all the twists and turns of your path. So you perceive your current relationships according to your level of consciousness. This is also what attracts them to you.

When our souls were created, we were created in groups of soul families. We draw our soul families to us throughout the course of our lives. Sometimes we incarnate with soul mates and soul family, as mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter, husband, wife, teacher, and so on. Our blood family is not necessarily our soul family, but they could be. The closer we align to our spiritual path, the more we draw soul family towards us.

Karmic relationships come into your life to help you clear specific karma. These relationships often carry strong lessons, deep imbalances, conflicts and pain, which serve the purpose of spiritual growth. They are not easy, but the healing that can take place within them polishes the facets of your soul diamond. They smooth your rough edges, bring your buried pain to the surface and confront you with what needs to be healed.

If people understood that relationships were healing, maybe they would be more patient with each other, and more grateful for the lessons. People come together in wounding, which resonates in the first meeting. They each bring their wounds for healing with the power of love. The likelihood is that they will trigger each other in their unconsciousness.

These relationships bring out karma accumulated in past lives together. The time that we are currently living in is a time of great spiritual acceleration, so we may need to go through several karmic relationships in order to clear that, with those souls that are close to us. When it comes to the twin flame, if you have a soul contract to meet them in this lifetime and be together, this will happen once you have done the necessary inner work and cleared the karma that is blocking you.

Soul mates tend to feel like more of a fated connection, with signs and synchronicities, and soul deep love. We have more than one soul mate, but only one twin flame. Anyone who says we have more than one is not referring to twin flames but to soul mates. Also the truth is that karmic relationships ARE soul mates, they are the souls we have agreed to do this work with to help each other.

Some soul mate connections are very high vibration with seemingly little or no karma to be cleared. These relationships are easier, and may have that sweet, true love quality to them. Soul mates are not always romantic, and they can be family members. When you have a romantic relationship with a soul mate, it flows and helps you to feel that unconditional love and support. Your souls love each other. It is not as magnetic as the twin flame connection, and may be lacking the “spark” as that 100% match from the sexual to the spiritual.

Twin flames are a very special kind of union that not everyone experiences in this lifetime. Everyone has a twin flame but not everyone incarnates with their twin flame to share this life together. Our souls were created with both masculine and feminine energies and at some point we experienced the split. Plato talks about this and he calls them split-aparts. The story goes that when humanity was created we were so powerful, that the time came when each being was split in two in order to weaken us. This is why many people spend their lives searching for their other half. This takes the form of a longing for love, and seeking someone to complete you. 

Now it’s important to understand that no one is half a person. We are each of us complete within ourselves. We each have masculine and feminine energies within us, and the ideal is to balance these in our own hearts. Most of us encounter soul mates at some stage of our lives, and throughout our lives we encounter members of our soul family. Whether your relationship is karmic, or a higher vibration soul mate, or you think you have found your twin flame, know that this is the highest and best for your soul at this time. The soul desires to learn what it needs to learn. You will not move on until you complete the lessons. This is what is keeping you stuck.

One question many people ask is how do I meet my twin flame. Well you will only meet your twin flame if it’s been pre-agreed in your soul contract that you will meet them in this lifetime. You may have an overriding feeling that you will meet your twin flame and this may be correct. However if you’re drawn to soul mate relationships and karmic relationships, then this is what is right for you at the time. We meet the souls we are destined to meet when it is preordained. 

If you think back to all the relationships in your life, and the times when you met significant people, consider the circumstances and how you felt when you met that person. Did your intuition to guide you in a certain direction? Did you have a strong feeling when you first met them? This is past life recognition. Most, in fact all significant people in our lives are souls that we know from before. We are simply playing out different stories with them as we evolve and ascend. 

If you want to embark on the twin flame journey, if it is destined for you in this life, then the key is to work on yourself spiritually, open your heart, and be as true to yourself as you possibly can. This is what will lead you to your twin and nothing else.

Some people talk about the length of time that has gone by since they met their twin as if this delineates how long they have been on the twin flame path. Well it has nothing to do with how long it is since you met your twin. If you are a twin flame is this something that you have always been since you were born. Twin flames have known each other since the beginning of time.

There is also the idea that there is a “matrix twin” and an evolved twin. Well, the path to the true twin is the path of spiritual evolution and ascension. That means both twins have to go through it. You are the same soul, the same energetic vibration and you affect each other from a distance. So you will both be on a similar level of evolution. If one of you has recently awakened, the other will catch up soon. There cannot be a huge difference. If there is, this likely to be a false twin. 

Many people talk about the “stages” of twin flame ascension. It is important not to get hung up on these. For example, not everyone goes through the runner and chase phase. You have to remember that twin flame love is mutual. If the love is unrequited, then that is not a twin flame. If someone runs, they are running away from the power of love, which scares them. They are afraid of love, afraid of intimacy, afraid of being confronted with the truth of themselves. They may think they are unworthy and undeserving of love, in which case healing is needed. True twins will always find their way back. 

The chaser is trying to keep the connection alive, however it is vital to discern if this is a true twin flame relationship. Chasing someone who has retreated has the effect of pushing them further away. With true twins, the dynamics are interrelated. So when you step back, you draw the other one towards you. Always let your heart be your guide: it will tell you whether to run, chase, or be still. When you open your heart to love, and let go of fear and unworthiness, this will directly affect your twin.

Separation does seem to be a common factor in this journey; however being in separation does not necessarily mean one is running and one is chasing. You could be in communication, and separated by circumstances. You could be together and committed, yet unable to physically unite until divine timing brings you together. The separation phase always serves the purpose of soul growth, letting go of what you no longer need, and doing your inner work to release unconscious behaviours. This is the path of Ascension. Twin flame love is a catalyst to ascension, and the focus is always spiritual. Twin flame love brings you closer to God.

Some people think they have found a twin flame when they meet someone who they have an incredibly strong feeling for. That person leaves, then they do some research and decide that this is my twin flame, they are the runner and I am the chaser. Well this simply might not be the truth, and on the spiritual path we are concerned with the truth and the inner spiritual work necessary for ascension. That means that if someone is not really your twin flame it is better to know that. If someone runs and they don’t come back for a long period of time then it is possible that they just might not be your twin flame.

Each stage of love, when it finds you, opens your heart a little bit more. Every time you fall in love, it feels deeper and more powerful than before. Some people have never been in love, and it hits them like a tsunami. So if, for example, someone has been stuck in a stale marriage all their life, and never even known real sexual chemistry, meeting someone they connect with will blow their world apart. It would be natural for them to assume it is their twin flame. However, it may not be the case. If this person runs and they experience heartbreak, instead of holding onto the twin flame idea, it could be right to let go and give thanks for the heart opening.

Heart opening is why we are here. The Heart is the House of Spirit, and the Gateway to the Divine. When you heal you open your heart in stages, and release the layers you have built up since childhood and from your past lives. This can be the most painful experience there is. It can feel like razor blades, needles, burning fire, a boulder, a terrible aching, a black hole. I have experienced all of these things. Be courageous, and focus on the light within your heart. Keep coming back to your centre, trust your path and trust in the Divine. You will heal. The pain comes from holding on. Consciously release it to the light.

The question that everybody asks, is how do I know it is my twin flame? How will I know when I have met them? Firstly I would say that there is zero doubt. Your souls know, and it feels like a perfect match, a perfect fit. You are actually the same soul essence, and you share an energy system. So this person will feel so deeply familiar to you, as if you have known them much longer than anyone else in your life. This is because you have known them since the beginning of time. Communication flows, and you will understand every look and gesture and what it means. When you are apart, you will feel each other. Your moods and emotions will affect each other. When you are together, you will feel no division between you. They are different to anyone else you have ever met.

I will share some of my experiences as a twin flame, as this is the only way I can express my truth. As a child I always felt different. I knew that I was very deep and spiritual, immensely creative, an artist and dreamer. I used to write poetry and paint, and I used to channel when I painted. I would channel my poems and stories, and I knew they came from beyond. I used to look at the sky and see messages in the clouds. I knew how to read the signs of the world, find lost objects, and sense events before they happened. I experienced telepathy and premonitions in dreams. I always had a deep spiritual sense, and I knew that if I could have one wish it was for all the people of the world to live in peace and harmony. I dreamed of the perfect love, and while this may have been due to a lack of love in my life, or normal teenage dreams, on some level I knew I was destined to find that transcendent relationship. 

I met my first love when I was 17 and it was a very sweet soul mate relationship. We had no problems at all. This is often the case with our soul family and our soul mates because we know each other so well and we are here to help each other. After a year together, I experienced the initiation of leaving home and going out into the world, and I found myself attracting karmic relationships. I was drawn to the spiritual path and I studied metaphysics as a teenager. I studied tarot, astrology, numerology and spiritual teachings. I also realised I knew how to manifest soul mates, and I met a sacred partner at every twist and turn of the road. 

I knew my life was about the spiritual path and I devoted myself to that. The relationships I had taught me about the world, and helped me to heal my emotional traumas by bringing them to light. I trained as a holistic healer, and did a lot of self-healing as every relationship brought up new wounds. I travelled a difficult path as I was dedicated to furthering my understanding, however I had material problems because I did not seek money. 

I noticed that in each of my relationships I seemed to be a spiritual guide and a teacher. I recognised my soul mates as they came into my life because something about them activated my intuition, and I saw that they were the one I was to have a relationship with. I knew that we had a soul contract, and when it had come to an end. 

When I learned about twin flames, I knew I was not with mine and that made me feel sad. Around that time I met what is known as a catalyst. This was someone who I had intense feelings for. To begin with when I met him I thought, I’m not attracted to you in that way, I see you as a friend. Now, it is important to register the very first feelings you have for someone when you meet, as these are correct. We spent a lot of time together and experienced a very strong spiritual connection. I thought of him as a soul brother. After that he began sending me energy and making it clear that he saw me as more than that. Then I began to return his feelings and it quickly escalated into something very powerful in the emotional realms. We could not be together as we were both with karmic partners but I believed he could be my twin flame, although I was never 100% sure.

This is one of the signs that someone is not your twin flame - when you are not 100% sure. The catalyst comes along to shake you out of your current situation. They are indeed soul mates here to assist you on the path. The feeling is so strong that it opens your heart and literally breaks you open to experience a deeper level of love. This then allows you to progress on your spiritual path and activate deeper healing to prepare you for the true twin. 

People talk about signs and synchronicities as if this is clear evidence that they have met their twin flame. It is common to get signs and synchronicities with soul mates. I have personally experienced signs will each one of my soul mates that they were the soul I was meant to be in relationship with at that time. I also experienced profound signs with a catalyst who I believe had been married to in a past life. The love was so intense and spiritual that I thought this must be my twin flame, but it was not the case. That is why the path to your twin flame can be very confusing if you interpret every sign as being a sign of the true twin. If you have had spiritual lives and powerful incarnations with souls who you are meeting in this life, the feelings can be out of this world. Don’t feel sad if you can’t be with them. This means that they are not your twin flame, because if you meet your twin you are destined to be together in this lifetime.

My experience with the catalyst left me devastated and sad. I gave up on finding love, but I knew, at the same time that I did want to find my divine counterpart. I put out the call to the universe to meet my true husband from the stars. That seemed to me to be the right wording and it’s what I was guided to ask. I put out this call in January and by November of that year I met him. We met in the 11th month of an 11 year on the new moon in Scorpio, which in many ways is the most powerful spiritual night of the year. It was my favourite night for ceremony and journeying for three years prior, and I always lit candles for Goddess Lakshmi to invite abundance into my life. Scorpio is the sign of sacred relationship and intimate union, so for me this was very apt. 

While I had let go of actively seeking a relationship, I experienced strong signs that were pushing me to Egypt where he was. I dedicated myself to my spiritual path and my spiritual groups. I was leading a group of women to Egypt and I had no thought in my mind of meeting a man. I met him when I least expected it yet I had put out the call. I had devoted myself to my spiritual work and my own spiritual growth, and life surprised me by bringing me face to face with my twin soul.

What I will say is that the love that we give each other is healing, sustaining, nurturing, cherishing, and has the power to overcome all obstacles. Even though there are long months between our meetings, what we give to each other is more than either of us have ever experienced. Unconditional love is healing. Pure love is divine. We both knew from the first moment, and this was confirmed in dreams. Even from the very beginning, I could hear the voice of his soul talking to me. The heart, mind and soul connection continues while we are separated, because Love knows no distance or time.

Katy Sophia 30.05.2020

Artwork by Katy Sophia

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