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Energy Medicine

The beauty of Energy Healing is that it can release and transform what you have held onto for years, even your entire life. Thought patterns and belief systems can be cleared and upgraded, frequencies raised, and trauma released from your cells. This improves your health, happiness and abundance beyond measure.

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates, everything moves. Nothing is solid; science agrees that our world and everything in it is made up of atoms, electrons, and quantum particles which are also waves. The teachings of Tibet and other ancient cultures describe the foundations of matter as Light and Sound. This is the reason why tones and mantras are so powerful.

Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing affect the pure essence of who and what we are. Like a tuning fork, when we resonate to a harmonious frequency, all that is disharmonious in our energy field dissolves, or simply shifts.

Shadow healing is vital, to transform subconscious pain and fears, buried trauma and blocks. Once you begin the healing journey, it is important to connect with your ancestors and do ancestral healing. Also past life and soul healing will begin to arise. Energy strenthening, grounding and protection, will help you to anchor strongly into your own light amidst the collective energies.

Katy has been training and practising energy healing since 2001. She has trained in many different modalities, and now practises her own channelled healing, Sirian Isis Healing. This is quantum healing that assists the individual to heal, cleanse, upgrade and connect with their Star origins.

Sessions are offered over Zoom, and remotely at your convenience.

Learn more about Energy Healing with Katy Sophia

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