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April Energies - Profound Revelations

Welcome to the month of April, with its profound energies of transformation. The Sun is midway through the sign of Aries, and Mercury has begun his retrograde motion through this sign. We are moving towards the Solar Eclipse, and the cosmic energies are extremely potent:

1 April Mercury Retrograde @27* Aries: this will dominate the month of April. Practise remaining calm and centred, watch for heated tempers, conflicts and misunderstandings. Think before you act, breathe and count to ten. This is an ideal time to go back and review the past with fresh insights. Enter the stillness and receive new revelations. We are being recharged in the fire of spirit – this can be a time of profound healing.

On 3 April Venus and Neptune conjoin @27* Pisces. This is one of the most romantic configurations, with the planet of personal love and the planet of higher love uniting in the sign of Neptune’s rulership and Venus’ exaltation. Pay attention to divine soul connections and mystical encounters!

On 4 April the Sun conjuncts the collective North Node @15* Aries,and the reality of our collective destiny comes into sharp focus. This is the time of the warriors of spirit. The South Node in Libra is shifting us away from fruitless discussions and talking heads. Each of us needs to ignite the fire of action, and take full responsibility for our lives and the sacred path we walk.

On 5 April Venus enters Aries, and the Goddess of Love becomes a warrior goddess of fire. Relationship energies will shift from dreamy and romantic to fierce and independent. The Divine Feminine is making strides towards her goals, with her inner masculine coming into alignment.

On 7 April Venus reaches the Earth Star Chakra Gate. The cycle of Venus as the Leo Goddess has come to the end of the descent of Inanna. She has descended through the fire, being stripped of everything at all seven chakra gates. She enters the underworld naked, and prepares to meet Her shaman’s death. This is an extremely powerful day of letting go and release. The day before the eclipse, is the perfect day to connect with Venus /Inanna and do sacred ceremony.

8 April New Moon Solar Eclipse @19* Aries 18.20 GMT /UT

This total solar eclipse is visible in Mexico, North America & Canada. It wraps up the pair of eclipses which began on 25 March with the lunar eclipse in Libra. The eclipse affects us all on a deep level, but those in its path with feel it more strongly. Take a look at what you have been processing internally, to do with relationships; self versus others; and balancing your own needs with service work. This signals a profound new beginning in the house where it falls in your chart.

On 10 April we have a Mars Saturn conjunction @14* Pisces, bringing strength and power to this area of the chart. There is renewed energy and drive available for creative and healing projects.

The Sun enters Taurus on 19 April, and on 20 April we have the Jupiter Uranus conjunction @21* Taurus. The major aspect of the year, these two mighty sky gods conjoin in the sign of fixed earth. This is a time of enlightening wisdom and “lucky strike” energy – it could be extremely beneficial, and could also be destabilising and highly unpredictable.

23 April Full Pink Moon @4* Scorpio 23.48 GMT /UT

Known as the Buddha Moon or Wesak Moon, this full moon is extremely sacred. This is the moon when Buddha Gautama’s birth, enlightenment and death are celebrated and honoured. Always a highly charged moon esoterically, this is a time for bringing out the shadows and integrating the darkness and light.

On 25 April Mercury goes Direct @15* Aries conjunct North Node. After this retrograde cycle, you should have a clearer picture of where you are going. Your life purpose and destiny will reveal themselves. Don’t be afraid to take action on what you are shown. Just allow for the shadow period which will take us through into May.

On 28 April the Mars Neptune conjunction @28* Pisces will activate the powerful healing energy of Neptune in Pisces. This is an energy of dreams plus motivation. It can also be a very seductive aspect – the Divine masculine is very magnetic at this time. Take care not to get pulled in a direction that is not for the highest good of your soul.

Venus enters Taurus on 29 April and is happy is her own sign – time to slow down, and indulge in some well-deserved self-care if you are feeling ravaged by the fiery energies of this month! Walks in nature, creative pursuits, enjoying and appreciating the senses, nourishing food, art, music, massage, sensual oils, and the art of love, are some of the things that Venus loves inthis sign.

On 30 April Mars enters Aries, home of the masculine warrior. With Venus and Mars at home in their own signs, relationships should find a good balance, after the deep soul searching of the eclipse season.

If you would like a personal Astrological consultation, I am here as always to assist you in guided reflections on your soul path, helping you find the keys to unlock patterns, release the wisdom and shift to the next level.

If you would like to learn astrology, or deepen your study, I invite you to check out the Astro Retreat Luxor, taking place in October. The last group had an amazing time, and the journey continues!

If you are guided to an Akashic reading on the Full Moon in Scorpio, I offer these combined with distance Sekhem energy healing, and clients give wonderful feedback on these sessions.

The next Sacred Journey through Egypt is taking place in November, it is already filling and a few sister places remain. We will have private access to the Isis Temple at Philae, where we will do priestess of Isis initiations at dawn. We also have our private soul healing ceremony in the Great Pyramid of Giza, a once in a lifetime experience.

I am also doing an exclusive tour through the White Desert this month for a small group of sisters. This will be a deep soul quest, visiting very sacred sites including Denderah, Abydos, Tel el Amarna, journeying through the White and Black Deserts with the Bedouins, and finishing at Siwa, place of the Oracles. One place remains – reply to this email if you feel this is you!

Wishing you a month of profound insights and deep transformation

Love & blessings

Katy x

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