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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Deep Contemplation

The Full Moon in Libra is the Easter /Ostara full moon. This is a penumbral eclipse, as we enter eclipse season with the spotlight on relationships. We are also in the shadow of Mercury retrograde, which begins on 1 April. This is an introspective time for contemplating the past, and balancing out relationship karma.


In a penumbral eclipse, the earth’s penumbra casts a light shadow over part of the moon. We feel this more on a subconscious level, in Libra and its opposite sign of Aries. This axis is about self and other. As the Sun moves through Aries, we are filled with energy to initiate projects and kickstart our personal plans. Energetically, we consider our own needs and where they are not being fulfilled. As the full moon is eclipsed in Libra, our thoughts may turn to the ways in which we have let ourselves down, by being over-accommodating of others.


The solar eclipse of October 2023 was in Libra. This initiated a powerful eclipse window bringing deep shadow work on relationships. On this lunar eclipse, you may find the same issues recurring. You have the opportunity to see how far you have come, and how events have shifted.


Libra is about balance, and balance includes love of self as well as love of others. On this full moon, you may contemplate, where is my life out of balance? Do I need to pay more attention to others’ needs, or my own? Have I sacrificed too much of myself in relationship? What messages is my subconscious bringing me?


The full moon is making a trine to Pluto. This aspect brings an ease and flow to messages from the subconscious, and areas that need healing. Shadow work can flow with self-love, and a detached perspective. You will be shown hidden truths and veiled mysteries.


The moon is also opposite Neptune in Pisces. This may be a time to bust more illusions, and see the glamours and deceptions that have influenced you in the past. How well did you do your clearing while the Sun was in Pisces? Are you ready to embrace the truth, and move forwards, releasing the past?


On this full moon we have a Venus Saturn conjunction in Pisces, bringing a serious tone to relationships and finances. The reality of these matters is at the forefront of people’s minds; as is the necessity to bring stability and strength for the future. Is your situation stable, and what can you do to make it stronger? What will you do if life takes an unpredictable turn?


The mighty planets Jupiter and Uranus are moving into conjunction, which is exact on 21 April. This is bringing an influx of higher energies, and positive movement in the house where it is located in your chart.


So all in all, this is very powerful moon, and it is wise to reflect and pay attention to the messages that emerge at this time. Take a look at the house of the full moon and the sun, and the house of Mercury for you. Eclipse season is like a pressure cooker for particular life lessons. The total solar eclipse on 8 April is in Aries, so this window is all about Aries Libra, self and other; fiery action versus airy detached thought; instinctive impulses versus logic and reason; balancing our own needs with those of others; being self-sovereign and inspired by original ideas; and how well we interact with all our relations.


Mercury will be retrograde from the 1 – 25 April. This will be a deep retrospective, and it is wise to slow down with all the fiery Aries energy abounding. Allow your thought processes to illuminate past communications and interactions, bringing you wisdom and the benefit of hindsight. There can be much collective clearing at this time, with Chiron and the North Node in Aries healing collective wounding. The new moon solar eclipse on 8 April will be a profound reset and new beginning for humanity.


Full Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 24.03.2024

Artwork: Wandering Stars by SheWhoIsArt


Full Worm Moon Penumbral Eclipse 5° Libra on 25 March @07.00 GMT /UT


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