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Jupiter Uranus Conjunction - Cosmic CPR

The mighty planets Jupiter and Uranus will come together on 20 – 21 April in exact conjunction, in the sign of Taurus. We will feel the build-up to this celestial event from the Spring Equinox 20 -21 March, and the influence will predominate throughout April and the first half of May.


Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, joy and benevolence joins with Uranus, the Great Awakener. So what does this mean for us?


Jupiter is associated with joy, wisdom and expansion on all levels. In the natal chart, it shows where you can find your success, through what brings you happiness. Jupiter transits give you the confidence to move beyond your comfort zone, expanding your boundaries and your world. The positive aspects bring good fortune, abundance, and new opportunities; while the hard aspects give a tendency towards recklessness, over-optimism and over-indulgence.  


Beyond this, Jupiter represents wisdom, faith, philosophy and the higher mind. It is a symbol of the ancient mystery schools. When it comes together with Uranus, this creates a hugely powerful window of ascension energy.


In Greek mythology, Jupiter is the sky god of thunder and lightning. The Roman equivalent is Zeus, king of the gods. Jupiter was the son of Kronos, or Saturn, who was known for swallowing his own children, as he did not want them to usurp him. When Jupiter was born, he was divinely protected from his father, and led a charmed childhood where all his desires were granted, and he lived to maturity. Jupiter has an association with luck, good fortune and protection.


Uranus in Greek mythology is Ouranos, the father of Kronos /Saturn. The great sky god conceived twelve children with Gaia, the earth mother. He was later castrated by his son Kronos, and the Goddess Venus /Aphrodite was born from his severed testicles. This story may seem strange to us, however, on a symbolic level it shows that Uranus is the seed-fire from which all things are born. It represents the generative essence of creation, which has no need for human genitalia.


Uranus is known as the Great Awakener. In the natal chart, Uranus transits bring sudden change, disruption, unpredictable events, and through this, awakening. When your world is turned upside down, and you are shaken out of the rut of habitual behaviour and mental patterns, you have the opportunity to see life anew. Through the breaking down you are given the chance to clear your mind and start afresh, and consider new possibilities. The more awareness you have, the less it will take you by surprise. Uranus brings the needs for moment-to-moment awareness and flexibility. It will keep you on your toes, so prepare to dance on a shifting carpet when these transits occur.


When two planets join in conjunction, they combine their energies in a neutral way. So the conjunction is usually seen as a positive aspect, not hard or stressful, unless it involves Saturn or Pluto – such as the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 2020 which precipitated the covid era. With Jupiter and Uranus, we have the buoyant, expansive energy of Jupiter combined with the fast-moving change and unpredictable energy of Uranus. On a higher level, this is pure wisdom and ascension codes. For meditators and lightworkers this is an extremely powerful and blessed energy that we can consciously tune into.


The conjunction takes place in the sign of Taurus, fixed earth. The lightning energy of these two mighty sky gods is slowed down somewhat, as we see the results manifesting in the earth element. Since Uranus began its transit through Taurus in 2018 we have seen many earth changes. The superfast generative energy of awakening has been working through our planet, with new initiatives for living sustainably, and many movements for the new earth taking shape. There has also been much disruption, as changes are felt on a very physical level. Uranus brings the energy of the revolutionary, and rebellious spirit.


Jupiter entered Taurus in May 2023, and will remain there until May 2024. It brings a magnifying lens to Venus-ruled Taurus, which on a higher level is the embodiment of the Divine nature. The focus is on living in harmony with the earth, healthy and nourishing food, enjoyment of life through the senses, creative and artistic endeavours, and being truly content where you are, so creating a heaven on earth. It also magnifies the shadow traits of materialism, over-indulgence, hedonism, stubbornness, and too much focus on body consciousness.


The marriage of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus will bring all of these energies into play, and on a personal level will affect you according to the house it falls in and the aspects it makes.


Some keywords for this transit are big change, wisdom and awakening, expansive regeneration, abundant creation, huge unpredictability, major disruption, joyful movement, fortunate surprises, ascension teachings, opening to downloads.


Anything could happen; however the energies are very beneficent overall. Shocks and disruptions could lead to unforeseen opportunities, allowing the Hand of the Divine to work in mysterious ways.


Jupiter Uranus in Taurus could be likened to cosmic CPR. It may give us a shock to the heart, but it will wake us up!


Katy Sophia 04.03.2024


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