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Full Moon in Scorpio - Wesak - Stand in your Power

The full moon in Scorpio is an extremely powerful moon and it is also the sacred moon of Buddha. On this full moon the axis of Taurus and Scorpio is highlighted. Esoterically this moon is a celebration of the Buddha’s Birth, enlightenment, and death.

Scorpio is the sign of alchemy and higher consciousness. In Scorpio, all the shadows are revealed as the lower astral seeks revelation and healing. Pay attention to the shadows that emerge, and the lower nature in yourself and others around you. This is the time to open your eyes to the truth.

Isis Serket is the scorpion goddess of ancient Egypt, who was called upon the draw out the poison from snake or scorpion bites. Isis Serket can help you to draw out the emotional and psychological poisons that are affecting you, and also the toxins in your environment, whether they be psychic, emotional or physical pollutions.

The Sun and moon are in a square to Pluto, which intensifies the Pluto Scorpio qualities of this lunation. The square to Pluto encourages you to dig deep, and you may see blocks and obstacles that you were previously unaware of. Hidden shadows and past traumas may come out for deep healing. Pluto is about power, and this is the time for you to claim your power once and for all. When you truly claim your own power, you cannot be overpowered by anyone around you.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction is in full intensity right now at 22° Taurus. The truths that are revealed to you now can elevate you to a higher frequency of being. Allow yourself to be shown anything that is blocking your power, and your freedom to live as a truly liberated empowered human being. So much energy is available, the ascension frequencies are amplified, and you have the opportunity to make a huge shift and go to the next level in your life.

The Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus is Sextile to Mars and Saturn in Pisces. This is a positive aspect, which brings the opportunity to really call on your inner strength, and overcome any obstacles in your life. Intuition and psychic sensitivities are strong. They become a foundation you can rely on as you know what you are being shown, and there is no longer any room for doubt. There is no place for lies and deception as everything will be revealed in the light of day. People who are not what they seem, those that are duplicitous or fake, will be shown to you as clear as day. When you act on this knowledge and trust what you are shown, you will be protected.

Mercury retrograde in Aries is tightly packed with the north node, Chiron and Venus. This is bringing a huge influx of energy in the element of fire, and the sphere of mind. Your mind will show you what you most need to heal right now, and you may find yourself going back over past events. With the north node here, the healing that is being presented is collective healing related to taking the initiative and being the pioneer in your own life. With Venus in the mix, the theme of relationship healing is strong.

Aries is the first sign relating to the original fire of spirit. This is an opportunity to let go of blame, the baggage from the past, release past trauma, and take responsibility for your own healing. You are responsible for your own life, and Aries is holding the torch for you to blaze your own trail. Relationships are entered into at the soul level in order to experience soul learning. It is time to understand and accept this on a deep level and release others from blame and regret. This is how we truly empower ourselves.

As the Sun moves through Taurus, we anchor into the energy of fixed earth. This is a time to ground your dreams and manifest the reality that you wish to see. Taurus is the sign of Heaven on Earth. We can only bring heaven on Earth when we are true to ourselves and our inner soul vision. This is why the esoteric maxim of Taurus is: I see, and when the eye is opened all is light. What is important is to open the inner eye. From this vision, all things can be manifested on Earth.

The full moon in Scorpio illuminates the Taurus Scorpio axis. This access relates to mind and body: the physical body and the deep psyche and emotions. On this full moon, you may be shown where you are out of balance. Maybe you need to take care of your physical health and fitness, nourish nurture your body, and build a strong foundation for your soul. Maybe you need some psychological healing, and practice in navigating the emotional realms. The aim is to fully integrate the mental, emotional and physical body to create a strong vehicle for the soul on Earth.

On this full moon, allow yourself to go deep into inner reflection. Wesak is the most sacred month when all the masters are present. As you tune into higher guidance, call upon your guides and the ascended masters. You may be shown information relating to your purpose. You may receive a new mission, and be connected with soul family and soul groups for the next phase of your journey.

Wesak Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 23.04.2024

Photo: Isis Serket by Katy Sophia

Full Pink Moon 4* Scorpio 24 April @00.50 GMT /UT

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