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New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse – Divine Creative Sparks

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries is an extremely powerful healing lunation, full of highly charged explosive creative energy. The solar eclipse will be visible from Mexico, North America and Canada, and the energy of it will also be felt outside of the eclipse path.


The new moon in Aries is the first new moon of the astrological year. When the Sun and Moon come together, it signifies a new beginning, and is the most powerful aspect we have. Aries being the first sign, this new moon has the qualities of cardinal fire, energy, power, leadership, passion and creativity.


The Sun and Moon at 19°24 Aries are exactly conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. This is such a precise conjunction; Chiron is like the key that unlocks the pure healing potential of this moon. The wounds of Chiron in Aries relate to masculine energy, anger, aggression; wounding in the I AM presence in early childhood; wounded leadership and lack of confidence. With the North Node only four degrees away, these are issues that need to be healed in the collective consciousness at this time. The North Node here says, take your power, feel your inspiration, carve your path, take action and do not be afraid.


The new moon is also conjunct Mercury in Aries with five degrees. Mercury is the esoteric ruler of Aries, and relates to the plane of mind, which receives inspiration directly from soul and spirit. Mercury is retrograde, so this new moon can be likened to pulling back a spring, casting the mind back to reveal new truths and inspiration, ready to charge forward when Mercury goes direct. This retrograde phase in Aries can be very illuminating; although tempers can flare, so it is wise to meditate and take it easy as much as possible.


Mars, the ruler of Aries, is conjunct Saturn in Pisces, which brings immensely powerful energy and drive to this area of the chart. This conjunction is good for starting projects in the field of healing arts, compassionate work, creative and conscious endeavours. This new moon is a time of inspiration for new creations, and long-term projects.


We also have the pairing of Jupiter and Uranus, making their electrifying energy felt on this new moon. This conjunction will be exact on 20 April, and we are feeling the build-up, so check which house it falls in for you. Jupiter, planet of joy, expansion and abundance, magnifies what it touches; and Uranus, the Great Awakener, brings fast changes and unpredictability. In Taurus, you may feel the ground shifting under your feet. Embrace change, and keep up with the messages from spirit about how your purpose is unfolding. These are exciting times!


Venus has entered Aries, and the feminine energy is strong and powerful at this time. Venus as the warrior goddess of fire, embraces her inner masculine and makes bold strides towards her destiny. On 7 April she reaches the Earth Star chakra gate on her descent as the Leo Goddess. This is a day of profound release, shamanic death and rebirth, the day before the eclipse. The Goddess will rise again and begin her ascent, reclaiming her sacred gifts and regaining her crown.


The chart of the new moon is very tightly packed, with all the planets clustered together in Pisces, Aries and Taurus; except Pluto in Aquarius which is making a positive sextile to Venus and Neptune. There are no hard aspects, and the chart is highly focused. This is a moment where anything is possible!


The total solar eclipse heralds profound new beginnings, and completes this eclipse window which was focused on relationships. At the time of the exact eclipse, it is beneficial to meditate and clear your mind. Allow yourself to let go of the past, and anything holding you back. Enter the stillness, and open yourself to new inspiration and divine guidance. There is extremely potent cosmic energy available, and you are limited only by your own mind.


We hold a world of peace and healing, and focus the incredible power within for the divine creations that wish to take birth.


New Moon Solar Eclipse Blessings


Katy Sophia 07.04.2024


New Moon Total Solar Eclipse 19° Aries on 8 April @18.20 GMT /UT





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