Sekhem Healing is the Power of Powers, Ancient Egyptian healing with Sekhmet, the Goddess of Heaing Power, the Solar Rays and Magnetic Divine Feminine. The energy will work through all layers of your aura: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, in harmony with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air / Angelic Light, and the Violet Flame. Angels and ascended masters will join the healing. For destressing, chakra balancing, rejuvenating, energising, empowering and working through blockages on any level.


Sekhem is healing is sent remotely. Once you have purchased the session, we will schedule a time for you to receive your healing.


Katy is a skilled and experienced coach, energy healer and meditation guide. Trained in Seichem & Sekhem healing, Egypt is her second home and she has a direct connection with the Goddess Sekhmet.

Sekhem Healing

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