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A transformational coaching programme to get you on track with your life purpose and soul alignment. The programme consists of six in depth coaching calls over six weeks, plus guidance, support and inspirational practices delivered to your inbox.


I work with spiritual life coaching techniques plus the tools of astrology, energy activations & meditation to assist you to be all you can be.


This programme will help you to focus on your true direction, unlock hidden gifts and talents, clear all negative subconscious blocks that are sabotaging you, and manifest the life you desire. I provide comprehensive holistic and spiritual support throughout the process.


Sessions are booked over Zoom for 60 - 90 minutes


Katy is a skilled and experienced astrologer, energy healer & meditation guide, professional coach and mentor. Everything is energy and everything can be transformed. If you a ready to change your life, and you commit to this journey, your success is inevitable.


Please email: for more info


Ascension Coaching Programme

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