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Autumn Equinox - Sun into Libra

At the Autumn Equinox, the Sun is 0* Libra, and we find that place of perfect balance in all things. The day and night are equal length, and the Earth’s magnetic field is lowered, making this an ideal time to meditate and receive guidance.

At this midpoint between day and night, summer and winter, external and internal, we pause and reflect. This is a moment of alignment; a pivotal point; a seasonal shift. When we learn to work with the forces of nature and the wheel of the year, we become truly powerful as connected human beings, joining with the cosmic symphony.

Libra is the sign of Beauty, and as we pause we can see the great beauty of Mother Nature working her magic, whether it is Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, or Springtime in the Southern Hemisphere; life perpetuates itself in a continual cycle of shedding and renewal.

May we find the inspiration to be renewed in the pause; like a cat, being completely still and recharging in the space between moments. The Divine power that flows through all things is stronger than the force of a nuclear blast. This power is contained within each and every atom of existence.

The sign of Libra is symbolised by Lady Justice holding her scales of balance. The original Goddess of Libra is Ma’at, Egyptian Goddess and principle of Divine truth. Anything that is out of Ma’at is out of balance. By the law of polarity and the law of rhythm, the Divine scales will find their balance. All things will come into balance again.

To walk the way of Ma’at is to walk the path of balance. It is the inner scales that guide us, to think, speak and act in truth and integrity. When we are awakened to our purpose, we cannot help but walk the way of Ma’at. Even as a continual process of course-correcting, we keep walking to find our True North.

As the Sun descends towards the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, Libra reminds us to turn within. True riches are the riches of soul that will be carried through beyond death. Like Inanna descending into the underworld, we turn and face the shadow to integrate and become whole, earning the right to wear the Crown. As the trees disseminate their seeds into the earth, may we disseminate our wisdom, the true harvest of the journey of soul.

We are moving towards the Harvest Moon on 29 September: the full moon in Aries, beginning the next annual cycle of full moons. This lunation is both a culmination of lessons learned and harvests gathered; and a new beginning in the cleansing fire of Aries.

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Autumn Equinox - 23.09.2023

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