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New Moon in Libra 6 October - Keep your Balance in these Times

The New Moon in Libra ushers in new beginnings in the sign of peace, balance and harmony. However, there is a kick to this new moon as it is conjunct Mars and Mercury, and quincunx Uranus. We can expect a few fireworks and unpredictable events!

The Sun and Moon are conjoined at 13° Libra, creating a cosmic reset midway through the sign of the heavenly scales. Libra is the seventh sign, holding a point of equilibrium in the zodiac. The sign of partnerships and relationships, Libra relates to self and other, masculine and feminine, and the sacred bridge that connects us. A masculine sign of logic and reason, ruled by Venus the Goddess of Love, this is the sign of sex and the sacred marriage. It is also the sign of Law, the universal cosmic law of Ma’at. Lady Justice holds her scales at the point of perfect balance. Where there is balance there is peace. Where there is peace there is harmony. Where there is harmony there is justice. Where there is justice there is freedom. Libra above all is a sign of ideals, and we need ideals to live by, as we strive to create a better society.

The new moon in Libra is a point of balance in the year. The Sun has begun its descent towards the winter solstice and the pit of the year. Hence this sign relates to the myth of Persephone, as she descends into the underworld with Hades, not to return until the Spring. To truly know balance in relationships, she journeys deeply into the belly of suffering and walks through the dark nights of her pain. To rise again, truly knowing and understanding herself, with more riches to offer through the fruits of her wisdom. As the Sun descends and greets the new moon, we find a point of equilibrium. The full moon in Pisces last month was the Harvest Moon. As you contemplate your journey through this year, take a look at what you are harvesting. Where do you go from here?

This new moon is a pause, reset and a point of action. Conjunct Mars, it spurs you on to the next steps, igniting your energy to walk a new path. The house that the new moon falls in your chart will tell you more about what this means for you. Mars in Libra loses its strident warlike quality and takes a considered approach towards right action, peace and justice. This is the way of the Peaceful Warrior. With Mercury in the mix, this time is about using mental energy and focus to forge the way ahead. Now is the time to act on your ideas.

With that being said, this new moon falls during Mercury retrograde, and the Sun, Moon and Mars are conjunct Mercury retrograde in Libra. So this is a time to consider the way forward and feel the spark, however, Mercury is going back through relationships and communications, showing you information that is going to help you once it moves direct on 18 October. Pay attention to things that come up from the past, whether they are old arguments and disagreements that need resolving in order to clear the energy, old thinking patterns that no longer serve, or events that played out with people no longer in your life. This energy is clearing relationships, allowing freer channels of communication in your life.

While you may experience miscommunications and misunderstandings (not to mention technology glitches) always pay attention to what is being shown to you. This time is precious for “filling in the blanks” and completing the picture.

With six planets in retrograde, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, this is an introspective time. Retrogrades are nothing to be afraid of, they are simply an inwards moving “swing” of the pendulum before the next outwards moving path of action. It is an excellent time to detach from the 3D illusion and strengthen your connection to the 5D quantum field, so that we can continue to build new earth together, strong and unshakeable.

The new moon is quincunx Uranus in Taurus, which can throw a spanner in the works. A quincunx is often an uncomfortable energy bringing unexpected outcomes, and annoying hindrances to your plans. A quincunx to Uranus brings sudden unpredictable events, especially while it is moving through Taurus. Uranian energy is all about intuition and high frequency energy, which is what we need, but in the earth sign of Taurus it reveals to what extent people are awakened, and sadly many people are still asleep. So we can expect to see many jarring events as this high frequency energy interacts with the earth element and the 3D machinations all around us. This is also a focal point where Mercury the trickster can play havoc with us.

So this new moon of peace and tranquility is not without fun and excitement. A time to stay balanced and grounded, and stay on your toes! Connect to the core energy of absolute balance, and be an anchor of the Light through the turbulence around you. This is an excellent time to practise controlling your anger and irritation, and maintaining calm composure. Seek the truth in all communications, and open your eyes in relationships. Make sure you are not seeing only what you want to see, and creating dramatic pictures in your mind. Mercury is a trickster, with the one aim of enlightenment. Allow yourself to laugh a little. If you lose your balance, lovingly bring yourself back to centre.

I connect to the column of light at my core

I hold my balance in these turbulent times

I pause, breathe and reflect

And allow right action to reveal itself

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 06.10.2021

New Moon 13° Libra 6 October @11.05 UT

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