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New Moon in Leo – Fire of the Heart

The New Moon in Leo brings a reset point to the tumultuous energies we are moving through, as the Sun and Moon conjoin at 23° Leo. The number 23 is known as the Royal Star of the Lion, bringing charisma, abundance and success. This is an extra regal Leo moon, as we go inwards with the heightened energies of Sirius and Venus, and allow ourselves a moment of stillness and peace.

Allow yourself to be renewed in the areas of creativity, self-expression, individual style, heart-centred leadership, drama, playfulness and sovereignty. This is a new beginning and it heralds new creative projects, new alliances, a new style of leadership, and new quality in relationships. The Lion/ness is a sovereign Queen /King, and has nothing to prove. A natural leader who can allow themselves to be playful and charismatic, shining the solar light through the light of the heart. The Lion/ness teaches us that there is strength in vulnerability; and indeed it is powerful and disarming to be completely open-hearted in our interactions.

The fire of Leo is fixed fire, which blazes like an inferno. There are many wildfires burning at this time, as the element of fire predominates. This new moon brings a Grand Earth Trine with Mars, Pluto and Uranus, which is a stabilising influence. We also have a Kite formation with an opposition to Neptune, bringing the possibility of water calming the fires.

The energies have been very high with the influx of Sirian lightcodes, as Sirius continues to rise with the Sun. Upgrades are available when you consciously meditate on this. Otherwise this time can be extremely challenging, as the darkness and light are intensified. People’s patterns emerge in plain sight, and may be tricky to navigate. Awareness is needed, and some flexibility in the midst of all the fixity.

This new moon is conjunct Venus and in exact square to Uranus. Venus is influencing us very strongly at the moment, as she moves through her retrograde journey until 3 September, rewinding our emotional patterns and past relationship interactions. On 13 August Venus conjoined with the Sun, and Mother Gaia was bathed in her rays. Venus is the closest to earth at this time, and we are feeling the effects of this in our relationships and emotional lives. With the new moon conjunct Venus, we pause to reflect on relationships as teachers, and triggers for our own healing.

On 19 August Venus will rise as the Morning Star as she enters a new phase as the Leo Goddess. What you are experiencing now is a taste of this energy, as we desire more attention, affection and respect in our relationships. Creativity is powerful and magnetic, as the regal qualities of the Lion/ness pour into our hearts. This cycle affects us for the next nineteen months.

The square to Uranus is triggering those unexpected emotional reactions, unhealed shadow selves, and areas for improvement in communication. You may experience an emotional release on this new moon – do not be alarmed. The pressure has been building with the lightcodes of Sirius and the passage of Venus retrograde. We had Black Moon Lilith conjuncting Venus exact on 8:8, which may have stirred up some deep dark stuff. Whatever is brewing in your soul, allow it to release now and find its own means of expression.

Healing therapies, crystal meditations, and ritual bathing with essential oils can help the energies to move through:

o Ritual bathing in Dead Sea Salts /Himalayan Salts /Sea salt and rose water

o Essential oils of vetiver, patchouli, helichrysum, sandalwood, jasmine & rose

o Crystals: Clear quartz, golden healer, citrine, carnelian, black tourmaline

If you can accept each trigger as a gift to help you to bring more of your darkness to light, in the magnificence of the flames of Leo, in the sovereign Fire of the Heart, you will emerge victorious.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 16.08.2023

Artwork: Priestess of Fire - Jena DellaGrottaglia

New Moon 23* Leo Micro Moon 16 August @09.38 GMT /UT

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