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Venus as the Leo Goddess - Solar Goddess of the Sacred Heart

The Cycle of Venus is a living mystery of cosmic order, beauty and harmony in space. Venus is the same size as Earth, and she spins in the opposite direction.

Venus /Aphrodite /Inanna is the Queen of Heaven, known in many cultures as the Goddess of Love. The ancient Sumerian myth of the Descent of Inanna relates directly to the passage of Venus through the heavens. This is recorded on ancient tablets, in some of the earliest known astronomical texts.


In astrology, Venus signifies the feminine aspect; love, sex and relationships; beauty, talent, money; and the principles of attraction and receiving. Venus is a personal planet and her energy affects us very strongly. In esoteric astrology, Venus is the Higher Self of Gaia. At the dawn of humanity, the Spark of Mind came from Sirius through Venus to the Earth.

Venus has an 8 year cycle in which she traces a 5 pointed star, or pentagram between the Earth and the Sun. Her synodic cycle lasts 584 days, or approximately 19 months. During the 8 year cycle, Venus aligns with the Earth and Sun 5 times, for 5 synodic cycles, drawing the cosmic pentagram. She orbits the Sun 13 times. The octagonal cycle is created every 8 years when she returns to the same point in the sky where she began.

New Leo Venus Cycle beginning August 2023

Venus has begun a new synodic cycle as the Leo Goddess. The Leo Goddess is here to help us claim our sovereign power, and bring more heart and authenticity into our lives.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and Venus in Leo is the Solar Goddess. This cycle is ruled by Sekhmet, the Divine Lioness of Solar Light. We will be working closely with Sekhmet in the live calls and meditations.

Leo is the sign of heart-centred consciousness. This is what we aspire to. Through Leo you feel the spark of your own fire, the blaze of your own creativity and the beauty of your own light.

Through Leo you become luminous, confident of the Divinity within, eternally connected to the Creator.

The Solar Goddess will burn away all that is false, lacklustre, and outworn. On the Descent, we burn away all that is blocking us from the beauty of our own Light.

The Descent of Inanna -

The Cycle of Venus and the Chakra Gates

The sign the synodic cycle begins in is known as the Overtone Goddess of that Venus cycle. During this 19 month cycle, Venus appears as the Morning Star, begins her descent into the underworld, disappears from view, and then reappears as the Evening Star and begins her ascent back to the heavens.

Every month, she makes a conjunction with the Moon, and these Moon Venus conjunctions are known as the Venus Gates or Chakra Gates. This gives us the journey of the Descent of Inanna, as Venus traces her beautiful pathway, allowing us to connect with the Divine Feminine and release our obstructions, going through a shamanic death, reclaiming our gifts and our sacred power.

To join the Venus Journey beginning on 11 September: an 8 month sacred journey of live calls, guided meditations, shamanic journeying & alchemical practices to connect with the descent of Venus /Inanna as the Leo Goddess contact me for details.

This is a personal reading with me to unpack the position of Venus in your chart, by sign, house and aspect. We will take an in depth look at what this means for you and your relationships. I will also read for you the Meta cycle of Venus and your Venus Goddess sign; and where Venus is currently transiting.

This will help you to understand:

  • What is your purpose in sacred relationships?

  • Which Goddess gifts do you bring to others without realising it?

  • What is your highest expression of this energy?

  • The cycles of life, love and healing throughout your life.

To book your personal Venus reading, or to join the calls, get in touch!

Blessings of Venus

Katy Sophia 09.09.2023

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