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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is an annular solar eclipse visible in the Americas. The eclipse will create a gold ring effect in the sky – perfect for the sign of Libra, and this is thought to be the most romantic time to propose.

This new moon solar eclipse is very much about relationships. Conjunct Mercury, many issues will emerge for thought and discussion. A square to Pluto may bring up issues of power and control, and the balance of power in relationships. Are there power struggles? Who holds the power? Is it evenly balanced?

Libra is concerned with relationship, in the sense of marriage and partnerships; and also the relationships we have with all living things. Life is about relationships. Who am I in relation to another? What is the contrast, the opportunity? Is there harmony between us, do our elements flow and feed each other; or is there conflict and lack of alignment? Do I know myself alone, or do I only show up with others?

Libra is the sign of peace, and what it takes to mediate and adjust oneself to another for the sake of harmony. This does not have to mean compromise. Libra is concerned with others and what they need to be happy, and so is a sign of airy compassion. If we all thought more about others, we would have peace on a grand scale. The vast majority of people want peace in the world, and peace among nations. This new moon is a reminder of what we need to do on a personal level to create more peace in our lives.

A solar eclipse carries with it endings and beginnings. This is a weaker effect if the eclipse does not pass directly over you. This one is visible only in the Americas. The annular eclipse reveals a gold ring, as the sun is not totally eclipsed. The ring is a symbol of hope, what remains after letting go of what is no longer working.

Neptune has been prominent in the sky recently, and it is time to let go of illusions. It is better to see the truth and accept it, than try to make things into what we want them to be. On this new moon solar eclipse, we let go of the lies and the shadows that have kept us tethered to false hopes. Accepting the reality makes us stronger.

This in no way means accepting the illusions presented to us by the 3D matrix. The true reality is in 5D. Libra is the sign of harmony, and hope for the new earth. We need equality of relationships everywhere, regardless of creed, colour or religion. We need to interact in a new way, without the artificial divisions of wealth and poverty, class and status. This killing inequality is the lie that has been perpetuated.

All religions come from One Universal Source, and this timeless truth has been explained in meticulous detail in the book Isis Unveiled. There is no need for religious wars. Humanity is only attacking itself in these twisted karmic cycles of hatred and revenge.

When we become aware of the Light within, we see the One Humanity and the Eternal Source. This is the gold ring of eternity.

On this new moon solar eclipse, it is beneficial to meditate on all that is obstructing you from peace and harmony in your life, release it and let it go. Release the problems in relationships and move to a higher level. Move into the 5D where personal things no longer matter. If we do this, we can create a shift towards more peace in the world. As we let go of our grievances, we lighten the energy for the collective.

As we come towards others with a humble heart, so we allow others to do the same.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Blessings

Katy Sophia 12.10.2023

New Moon Solar Eclipse 21* Libra 14 October @18.55 GMT /UT

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