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New Moon in Libra – Cosmic Alignment

The New Moon in Libra offers a complete reset point; a moment to pause, refresh, and regather your energies. We are still in the Equinox window, when the days and nights are equal length, and the Sun shines evenly on Gaia. In the Northern Hemisphere we embrace the fall, and begin to let go of the trappings of the year. The Summer Solstice was represented the peak of our experience and the blossoming of the energy of the year. Now at the equinox, we reach the equal point as we move towards the Winter Solstice, the nights become longer, and the trees begin to shed their leaves.

Libra is the sign of balance, between summer and winter, day and night, light and dark. It is the point of balance between inner and outer, masculine and feminine, past and future. This is why it is the sign of relationships. The relationship is the space between, the dance between two energies, the movement and play, the contrast and the harmony. Life consists of relationships.

As the weather grows cooler by degrees, and the trees begin to shed their leaves, it is a good time to mentally examine the relationships in your life. Like the scales, we weigh up our experiences, and begin the inner process of sifting and balancing. There may be some relationships, experiences, and circumstances that you need to let go of. Perhaps your heart has become too heavy, and it will not pass the scales of Ma’at. Anything too taxing and stressful is debilitating. It is time to conserve your energy, and release the toxic load that is weighing you down. All experiences are valuable and useful, and we give thanks for everything. Just like the trees, sometimes we need to let the leaves fall and let go.

With Mercury in retrograde in Virgo until 1 October, this really is a time for looking back over the details of your life and practising discernment. Likewise, there may be gifts and resources that you have overlooked. When you cast your eye back over the wisdom you have accumulated and the skills you have developed, you may have many riches just waiting to be manifested and expressed in a new way. Pay attention to the details, and set your intention to create something beautiful.

As the Sun begins its sojourn through Libra, we are called to the experience of Beauty. There is great beauty in every moment, if only we could just be still, appreciate, and be content. There is great Love everywhere, and a natural harmony and order existing in all things. These are the gifts of Venus, the ruler of Libra. Love is the key to relationships. Love great enough to forgive others their mistakes and faults, even if we have to let them go. Love and gratitude for all our experiences, great and small. Self-love that radiates, and becomes a magnetic, attractive force. So we bring love into our environment and communities. This leads to the experience of Harmony.

The Sun and Moon in Libra are opposite Jupiter in Aries. This gives a balance between the harmonious energy of relationships, and the powerful dynamic fiery energy of initiation. Relationships work best when your own needs are not ignored or suppressed. When you are true to the original spark of God in your heart, and live from that, people will see the truth of who you are, and know how to relate to you. Compromise is ugly, so are enforced contracts and restrictive arrangements. When we can be free in all honesty, then we are free to relate in joy and harmony, revelling in beauty like the Dance of Life.

There is a kite aspect today which has to do with fate and destiny. Mercury and Venus, the mind and heart are together in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces, the call to spirit. A trine is formed with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This is an opportunity to integrate all that you are. Awakening is happening. Evolution is happening. Ascension is happening. You already are it, so just be it. You have everything you need in this moment.

On this new moon in Libra, allow yourself the space to completely reset. Give thanks for all that you are, all that you have, have been and will be. Allow yourself to come into alignment with the Cosmos. Life is moving in a great harmony, and when we join with it, magic and miracles happen.

May you realise your life is a beautiful work of art, a tapestry, a symphony, a dance.

May the principle of Ma’at, Divine Cosmic Order, bring balance, harmony and peace.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 25.09.2022

New Moon 2° Libra 25 September @21.54 GMT /UT

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