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New Moon in Cancer - Emotional Healing - The Dark Goddess

This New Moon stirs up deep intense feelings, which should start to come into balance after the exact new moon. The dark moon phase was very potent, with Neptune stationing retrograde in Pisces, and the Moon approaching the apogee, or Black Moon Lilith point. Black Moon Lilith signifies all that we have repressed. Many of us try to be strong, and control our daily reactions, however this new moon is bringing out all we have pushed down.

The Cancer new moon is always an emotional time, as we enter midsummer and dive into the watery realms of feeling. The Sun and Moon are at 7°, which is the number of Neptune. The planet of higher love and divine energy has just gone into retrograde in Pisces, revealing what was hidden, creating a window into deceptions and illusions. As we wind back more things are visible. Maybe things are not what they seem. The truth is, nothing is ever really what it seems, there always nuances we miss, that don’t get spoken of.

You may be witnessing emotional truths that you were previously unaware of. This is the time to honour your feelings. Don’t suppress them further – let them out and let them go. Maybe some words need to be spoken – and Black Moon Lilith will encourage you to give voice to your dark side. Together with Mercury and Venus in Gemini, many words may be spoken that hurt, or wound, and if it comes from others, try to accept it as a release of toxic energy. If the words come from you, try to find the empowering aspect of Lilith and speak from strength, not victimhood.

The new moon in Cancer signifies a new beginning in your emotional life, and a release point of the energies of the previous month. It is time to let go of the emotional ride you have been on since the new moon in Gemini. You will also be releasing back further, from previous years and throughout your whole life up to now. The Sun opposed the Galactic Centre on 19 June, bringing about a karmic reset, and opening up portals to higher dimensions of truth.

People are extra sensitive and ‘touchy’ at this time, like the crab, and it is a powerful practice to be mindful of triggers in yourself and others. The Sun and Moon are square to Jupiter in Aries, which can blow up emotional reactions out of all proportion. Fire and water make for intense drama and fireworks.

As the Sun and Moon in Cancer touch this very sensitive point of the Black Moon Lilith, it is giving us the opportunity to see our shadow, the dark side we are normally not aware of. Whatever emerges, give it love. You will be shown where it comes from, and what is asking to be healed. Be very compassionate with yourself. This raw state has never been understood or acknowledged. It doesn’t need any more judgment. Only love.

The Black Moon Lilith energy is very empowering, it is like the Dark Goddess energy. It is connected to primal sexual energy, and we have just been through the Venus gate of the Sacral Chakra. So sexual healing and empowerment could also be a feature of this moon.

If you are in touch with your sexuality, your magic, your psychic abilities, your healing power and ‘witchy’ self then your Lilith is strong. This lunation gives you the opportunity to tap into these qualities even more deeply, and release all victimhood and emotional trauma buried here.

When you own the shadow, it is no longer a monster to be feared or tamed. It is a part of you, integrated within a balanced whole. It can no longer cause you sickness or distress, or sabotage your communications with others. We name the poisons to gain power over them.

This is a good time to do a ceremony to honour your inner child, and to heal the parts of you that were hurt, traumatised, lost or stuck throughout the years. Release the energy and reclaim your magic. Set your intentions for the month and year ahead.

The sign of Cancer urges us to gain mastery over the emotions, and heal the emotional body. Ritual bathing, visiting holy wells or springs, or being near rivers, lakes or the ocean will help us with this process.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 29.06.2022

Artwork: Goddess Lilith by BarrettBiggers

New Moon Micromoon at 7* Cancer on 29 June @02.52 UT /GMT

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