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New Moon in Aries – Sacred Cleansing & Renewal

On this New Moon, the Sun and Moon come into alignment at the beginning of the astrological year. The sign of Aries declares bold bright new beginnings, as life renews itself in the fires of spring, in the Northern hemisphere.

This new moon is extra potent, as the Sun and Moon are tightly conjunct Mercury and Chiron. Themes of communication may have been brewing for the past few days. The dark moon phase before the new moon was particularly challenging, purging old energies from the past year and more. This may have felt like a trial by fire, walking through the valley of darkness.

Whatever you have been through, and may still be experiencing, the energy today is more dynamic and will lift you up out of dreary thinking. Aries energy is impatient and cannot sit around for too long. It definitely doesn’t wallow in emotions, sadness or self-pity. Aries is the gung-ho warrior, who wants to charge forwards like a ram in the springtime.

There is a strong focus on Chiron in Aries, which brings to light past wounding from anger, aggression, war, conflict, violence and the toxic masculine. You may feel this wounding more keenly, and may seek to communicate past hurts. With all this fire energy, it is a good idea to carefully consider your words before speaking, lest you create new wounding in others. There is an opportunity for profound healing, with direct communication coming from a place of no judgment.

The sky is very focused at the moment with three main groupings of planets, in Aries, Pisces and Aquarius. Mars, Venus and Saturn are dancing together in Aquarius, as the divine masculine and feminine conjoin with the ruler of Aquarius, lending a serious yet liberating tone to relationships. They are making a square aspect to the North Node in Taurus. There is an evolutionary pressure for sacred man and woman to emerge, and step forward into the Age of Aquarius, living harmoniously with the earth in a new yet old way. The time is now.

In Pisces, the two great rulers of this sign, Jupiter and Neptune, inch closer, now only two degrees apart. They will conjoin on the 12th April, which is a once in a lifetime event. This conjunction brings a great, good, positive energy of healing, dreaming, abundance and beneficence. Make the most of it. This positive shift is huge and will outweigh darkness and negativity, sweeping everything along with the rising tide of ascension. The Aries new moon is clearing out the old in preparation for this momentous event.

This New Moon is a good time to do a fire ceremony, if you are able to, or meditate on the element of fire cleansing old emotional energy and dense thought patterns. Allow yourself to be completely renewed. We are being called to community gatherings, connecting with soul family, and creating from a brand new place of wisdom reborn. The waters of Pisces will baptise us in the magnificent, magnanimous, ethereal energy of Jupiter and Neptune.

May humanity be blessed

Katy Sophia 01.04.2022

New Moon 11° Aries 01 April @ 06.24 GMT /UT

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