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New Moon in Virgo – Purified we Rise

The New Moon in Virgo brings an opportunity for a fresh start. After the powerful influx of energy on the Lions Gate, we have now entered the season of Virgo and the Sun conjoins the Moon in the sign of crystalline purity. Virgo brings order out of the chaos; It allows you to integrate what you have learned, and use your discriminating mind to keep what is useful, and throw out the dross.

This new moon is about refinement, connecting with essential wisdom and purity, and letting go of old outmoded ways of being. The energies of late July and August have been huge, flamboyant and scorching, as we have walked through the fixed fire of Leo and the sparkling light of Sirius. The energies have taught us to stretch ourselves in new ways, to dare to be more, and step out of our comfort zone. Now Virgo comes in wearing a simple hermit’s robe, urging you to purify and refine, distilling the pure essence of what you have learned. Simplify – purify – refine. These are the keywords of Virgo, and this is how we get to the rarefied quality and the true alchemy.

The Sun and Moon at 4° Virgo are in exact square to Mars in Gemini. This indicates frictions and conflicts, and disagreements over ideologies. Moon square Mars can often indicate discord in the home. Arguing over fine points is a waste of energy, and agreeing to differ will bring the most harmony to this influence. A square to Mars can also bring about great energy for change and forward movement, as it spurs you on due to the nature of the challenges you face.

Mars is in a harmonious trine to Mercury and Pluto, so there is also the possibility for a meeting of minds and flowing communications. New ideas may emerge, helping you to navigate obstacles with ease and grace. Look to the highest expression of what you are being shown, and the way will appear.

Venus in Leo, the sovereign lioness, is opposite Saturn, which can lead to creativity feeling blocked, and issues in relationships. She is also squaring Uranus forming a highly pressurised container. This can bring tension to relationships; the urge to break away and take your own space, or do something crazy to just to feel alive again. It is normal for issues to arise at this time, so try not to be too hard on yourself. Remember that your obstacles are your stepping stones.

Venus has just passed through the Earth Star Chakra Gate, when she conjuncted the Moon in Leo. This is the deepest point of the Descent of Inanna, where she meets her sister Ereshkeigal in the underworld, and is killed and hung on a spike. So we are collectively in the energy of the Shaman’s death, dying to the old, and releasing all that is false. Do not be surprised if you feel this way, if you feel like things are ending for you, if you feel a lot of emotion, or that whatever you do you cannot make things work. Simply allow yourself to be in this state. Allow yourself to move through the process. Consciously let go and release. Once Venus moves out of this energy, and the Moon begins to wax on Saturday, energies will lift and begin to rise once more. This is a whole new beginning as Venus begins to rise, ascending as Inanna, reclaiming all of her gifts and power.

This is a very fertile time, and there is much learning to be had. The Virgo energy can tend to be overly critical, and focus on minor faults. Now is the time to lift yourself up, see how far you have come, and really celebrate yourself. Who will be your own best friend if not you? When you can love yourself with all of your faults, you will see that each one is like a flaw inside a crystal. When the sun shines, a magnificent rainbow appears. Love all of the choices you have made that have led you here. Love all your mistakes, all your seemingly off-piste explorations, and recognise the beautiful tapestry that you are creating. Each mistake can become an element in the design, leading to something a thousand times more beautiful.

We are Creators. We alchemise All.

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 26.08.2022

New Moon 4* Virgo 27 August @ 08.17 GMT /UT

Artwork: Hiroyuki Satoh

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