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New Moon in Sagittarius – Faith, Hope, Optimism

The Sun has entered Sagittarius for its month-long sojourn through the sign of mutable fire, bringing new awareness, new opportunities, and expansion of the mind. The Moon conjoins the Sun at 1° Sagittarius, for a potent new moon with many positive aspects.

We have been dogged by troublesome T-squares for the past couple of weeks, and now the tension has eased up, giving way to a wonderful Jupiterian new moon with a powerful Piscean influence. Things should feel a lot lighter and more optimistic. Whatever is happening in the world, one thing we all need is hope! Without hope people lay down and give up their humanity. When we know the truth, and we continue to walk forward in faith for the future, magic can truly happen. And this is a magical moon.

The Sun and Moon join Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, bringing a fiery, outgoing quality to relationships and communications. It is important to speak the truth with refreshing honesty, while at the same time being disarming and good-natured. A little humour goes a long way. Creative ideas can take off and fly in this energy, as sparks are generated in enlightening conversations. It is time for your hopes and dreams to be reborn, and your fears to be vanquished.

Sagittarius is mutable fire, which means it keeps moving, growing and expanding. It cannot be contained. Just like the fire in your soul, when it catches light, it cannot be contained or restrained. As you focus on this inner movement, it will influence and illuminate your outer world. People are only weak because they have forgotten the power of the soul. It is time for humanity to remember who we are.

As the new moon ushers in a new beginning, we focus our aim like the archer, on the highest vision for humanity and the earth. Ask to be shown the truth, and the reality of the gifts you have to offer. As you draw back your arm, pulling the arrow back, dig deep into the wisdom of past and future lives, calling on all of your strength and power and feeling your ancestors behind you. Take aim with the eyes of an eagle and let your arrow fly.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is trining the Sun and Moon. This magnifies the expansive nature of this new moon, bringing beneficence and abundance. Make a wish, and the gods might grant it. Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Pisces, bringing in the dreamy, watery energy of compassion and empathy, imagination and magical creativity. The mix of fire and water is heady and alchemical. Recreation can happen in an instant.

Jupiter and Neptune are sextile Pluto, and the Sun and Moon are also sextile Pluto. So this new moon is activating a beautiful trine and two sextiles, all supportive beneficial aspects for creativity and forward movement. The sextiles to Pluto mean you have an opportunity to overcome previous obstacles. There is a new way of looking at things – a new mental attitude – which will help you to see the way forward. Instead of seeing insurmountable obstacles, view the situation from a neutral, detached perspective, and ask, what does my soul want me to do? This cuts through ego, other people’s judgments, and emotional attachments. Your soul has a clear perspective on the contracts and learnings at play.

On this new moon, allow yourself to detach from fears and collective illusions. Take some time to cleanse and recharge, distilling the deep learning of Scorpio season, and using it to propel you forwards. Let go of emotional attachments and allow yourself to be reborn in the spiralling fire. There truly is magic afoot, and deep alchemical change is possible. What sage, goddess or magician is hiding within you, waiting to emerge?

There is hope for humanity

Fire dwells in our hearts

The light is in our souls

As like the Phoenix we are reborn

New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 23.11.2022

New Moon 1° Sagittarius 23 November @ 22.57 GMT /UT

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