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New Moon in Pisces – Spiritual Rebirth

The New Moon in Pisces is a moon of endings and beginnings. The last new moon of the astrological year is a chance to release pent up emotions, and find a state of healing grace. When the Sun and Moon join together, it marks the beginning of a new cycle, for the month ahead, the year ahead, and even longer cycles of time.


Pisces is mutable water, the last of the twelve signs, said to contain the essence of all twelve. People with strong Pisces energy feel the entire gamut of emotions, and are known for their compassionate empathic abilities, as they feel the oneness of all. Pisces is a sign of connection, dissolution and death, as Aries is about rebirth. Neptune, its ruler, has a ‘dissolving’ effect on whatever it touches. Jupiter, the mundane ruler, magnifies the senses and the emotional realms of this oceanic sign.


In the leadup to the new moon, you may be aware of things you wish to let go of, and emotions that have built up throughout the past year. In the dark moon just before the new moon, you may find yourself brooding over past issues. The key is to distil the wisdom from these experiences, and prepare yourself for a new beginning as the Sun conjuncts the Moon.


Pisces is a sign of forgiveness and healing, and the element of water is powerful for cleansing the emotional body. Meditating on the element of water washing through you, cleansing any stuck and stagnant emotional energy can be very potent. Ritual bathing, with seasalts and beautiful oils will leave you feeling cleansed and renewed.


Pisces has a strong connection to the inner child, creativity and imagination. That Peter Pan quality of playfulness can be very healing for those who have become jaded by life. On this new moon, you may find a creative new beginning. Gently encourage your inner child to play, and experiment with new ideas. A great spiritual practice for heart opening is to allow yourself to be born anew in each moment.


Remember that forgiveness is a gift to your heart, so that you no longer have to carry the burdens of anger, hatred, pain, sorrow and regret. You deserve to be lifted of these, so you can continue to grow as the Divine intended. So that you can feel the love within you and around you, and feel joy and hope no matter what is happening externally. A beautiful aspect to Jupiter helps to bring a sense of upliftment.


The Sun and Moon are loosely conjunct Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, which brings heightened channelling abilities, as the Moon conjuncts Neptune later this night. The Sun and Moon sit between Neptune and Saturn, bringing a balance between spirit and matter, dreams and practicalities. Saturn in Pisces is bringing material realities into focus, and busting a few illusions along the way.


The new moon is also making beautiful sextiles to Jupiter and Uranus. The aspect to Jupiter brings expanded abilities, hope, joy and optimism. New opportunities are present, as they were on the full moon in Virgo two weeks ago. The aspect to Uranus is unpredictable and exciting. If you are shown a course of action, it is time to seize the day and run with it. We are constantly co-creating our world, and the more decisive energy we put into it the better. This is the inner con-fidence which comes from God.


A major aspect in the sky at this time is the Mars Uranus square, which brings bold and unexpected events. This can express as heightened energy, friction, conflict, accidents, escalations and fast changes. It is wise to be prepared for this, and practise holding your centre so you are not swayed or taken by surprise. If someone pushes your buttons, this is a good time to breathe and count to ten!


This new moon has an overall very positive energy, and brings a spiritual rebirth ten days before the Equinox on 20 March.


A powerful use of this energy would be ritual bathing, emotional healing and release; a forgiveness ceremony; creative arts; inspiration for a new compassionate course of action.


Piscean crystals for meditation: emerald, amethyst, alexandrite.


Piscean oils for ritual bathing: ylang ylang, jasmine, clary sage, geranium, chamomile and rose (5 drops in a carrier oil)


“You, yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”



New Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 09.03.2024



New Moon 20° Pisces on 10 March @ 09.00 GMT /UT


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