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New Moon in Gemini – Summer Solstice – Love Shines

The New Moon in Gemini brings a fresh beginning and a reset point as we enter into the Solstice gateway. At this time of year we revel in the highest light, as the golden light of summer solstice permeates all. The dark moon reveals all that is deep and hidden behind the light. Prepare for new insights and revelations, on a deep, profound level.

With the Sun and Mercury in Gemini, communications circulate freely like the wind. The new moon provides a pause, and a time to anchor yourself within, and stop your mind from running wild. Mercury relates to the higher mind, which can only be experienced when we meditate, contemplate, and move beyond mental chatter.

This new moon is conjunct asteroid Juno, the asteroid of sacred union. As the Sun and Moon conjoin in the sign of Gemini, the twins, love relationships may experience a deeper connection. This is a significant moon for soul mates and twin flames.

Mars and Venus are dancing through Leo, as the fiery, passionate lovers, as they move into a square aspect with Uranus, planet of fireworks. Lovers who are operating from ego may experience powerful dramas and conflicts. Venus in Leo is the Sovereign Queen, Mars in Leo knows he is the King. The lower vibrations of Leo are about attention seeking, control and the need to be right.

The higher octaves of Leo are truly heart-centred, as the noble lions who love and play fiercely from their inner divine sovereignty. The leonine beings are coming in now as we move towards the Lions Gate in August. Uranus brings through the higher frequencies of ascension energies, allowing us to connect with the magnificent lion beings of Lyra and Sirius.

Mercury has been squaring Saturn this week, and serious discussions may have come up. There is a lightness of communication, however it is impossible not to focus on the weighty issues at hand. We stand in the balance of the movement of energies and the rising light, and the serious decisions we face about how to interact in our world. We must walk between worlds as we flow with the intelligence of Gaia and go where we are needed.

The new moon is squaring Neptune, the major aspect of this lunation. In Gemini there are many possibilities. The square to Neptune warns against deception and illusions, glamour and false promises. New relationships and opportunities should be checked carefully to make sure all is as it seems. Channelled messages should be checked extra carefully at this time. This aspect can signify false messages coming through (which is something that happens all the time in the false light arenas). We should not blindly believe the channelled messages of others – there are many entities with different agendas creating confusion and separation. Go within, and find your own truth in the stillness.

As we move into the Solstice gateway, the highest light reveals the truth within. The truth of who you are, the truth of who others are is unveiled for all to see. Make your true intentions known, as the light emerges and we dance in the energy of pure being. The love is revealed. The truth is revealed with the radiance of Soul.

The new earth is about heart and soul, about standing vulnerable in pure love and open-hearted rawness, connecting with those in resonance, and living like lions of the ascension. Our love will carry us through.

Only love can break the shackles of the artificial systems of control. The love, heart, soul and creativity that comes from the Divine. Soul is something you feel, it cannot be replicated.

Remember your humanity, remember your Divinity. As the midday Sun floods the space with golden light, may we know Unity.

The truth is stronger than shadows. Love shines.

New Moon Solstice Blessings

Katy Sophia 18.06.2023

New Moon 26° Gemini 18 June @ 05.37 GMT /UT

Summer Solstice Sun enters Cancer 21 June @ 14.57 GMT /UT

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