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New Moon in Capricorn 13 January – Building on Sacred Ground

This New Moon is intense and powerful, bringing earthquakes, fireworks and revelations. The Sun and Moon conjunct Pluto in the last decan of Capricorn, the area of the sky where we had the heavyweight conjunctions in 2020. With the Sun and Moon here, we connect on a personal level to the energy of Pluto in Capricorn.

So what does this mean? Pluto can bring out fears, paranoia, negative energy, karma and traumas not yet dealt with. In the strongest sense, Pluto conjunct the Sun and Moon is ultimately empowering, but only if you do the shadow work required, release your baggage and let go. Pluto causes eruptions, in Capricorn earthquakes, as all that is repressed, suppressed and unhealed comes to the surface. If you are experiencing unexplained anxiety, deep-seated fear, suspicion, phobias or mistrust, this is the reason. Clear the underworld and heal the shadow.

The new moon in Capricorn heralds a new beginning, in the sign of cardinal earth. With so much emphasis on Capricorn last year, and the breaking down of existing structures, it is time for a completely new expression of this energy. Now that Jupiter and Saturn are in Aquarius, expansive airy energy and inspiration abounds. We have an opportunity to make a clean break from the past, and structure our lives in a whole new way. Pluto is assisting us to clear out the dregs; all that remains to be healed on a personal level, anything toxic or stagnant in our environment, from our home and physical health to relationships and the structures of our daily lives. It is time to clear the drains, cleanse, detox, purge those old emotions and karmic traces. On a world scale we will see the results of this purging and release which has been a long time coming.

Capricorn is the mythical seagoat who emerges from the ocean and comes onto land, climbing the mountain as surefooted goats do, scaling all the way to the summit. As cardinal earth, this sign is about rulership of the earthly domain, hence its association with business, corporations, governments and any structure that governs our lives. Its ruler Saturn is attributed to the Universe card in the tarot, and the organisational consciousness. As atoms group themselves intelligently into molecules, so does this organisational consciousness create larger bodies from a sum of different parts.

Each one of us has sovereign consciousness within us, shining like the Sun with the pure creative power of the zero point, or universal ground. Our body exists as the sacred robe, or temple of the soul. As we go within on this new moon, let us take full responsibility for our consciousness and creative power, our thoughts and feelings, dreams and desires, and the circumstances of our existence. This will enable us to shift our reality as it arranges itself according to a higher frequency.

It is time to set the foundations, as we build on sacred ground. The highest expression of Capricorn infuses the material world with spirit, and the essence of unconditional love. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, may the values of true brotherhood and sisterhood prevail, as we work together to create new communities, with new spirit infused structures. We vision this now as a new cycle ignites, and the solar and lunar light unite at the beginning of 2021.

21 is the number of the Universe – may we dream and vision a new reality with light at its core, connected directly to the Heart of Source.

Katy Sophia

New Moon 23° Capricorn 13 January 5am GMT

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