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Full Moon in Virgo 27 February – Resurrection of the Goddess

This Full Moon in Virgo is a moon of crystalline purity. As you allow yourself to bathe in its cleansing light, it will reveal any obstructions that are blocking the radiance of spirit. Virgo is the sixth sign and has a crystalline quality of perfected matter. This full moon brings the message that inside you are eternally pure, your nature is pure from the very beginning. The light reveals the shadows, and seeing is releasing, with the eagle’s eye you can liberate yourself from the veils and vestiges of maya.

With the Sun in Pisces opposite the Moon in Virgo this is an axis of truth versus illusion. In the ocean of Pisces, all possibilities exist, swimming in the womb of the cosmic mother. In Virgo we have to choose, with precision and accuracy, which possibility to embody and bring into focus. We cannot remain swimming in limbo, floating in the bardo of dreams and illusions. It is time to know ourselves and choose the way. The Moon in Virgo says, be definite.

The Sun is conjunct Venus, exalted in Pisces. Venus is currently moving through the underworld, where she will join with the Sun on 25 March, renewing herself in the Source of all Life, as she prepares to rise as the morning star in May. So Venus as the Divine Feminine is in the phase of regeneration and rebirth. As she moves closer to the Sun, we can tap into the healing power of the Goddess in the beautiful sign of Pisces. Bathing in seasalt and essential oils with the intention of washing away negative energy, and drinking lots of pure water is a wonderful way of connecting with the cleansing power of the water element.

With three planets in Pisces, including Neptune, the ruler, there is a predominance of dreamy, watery energy; and the emotional realms are highlighted. Pay attention to subtle insights, sense impressions, and messages received in dreams. This is a time to be gentle with people, and remember to be kind and forgiving, as we never know another’s burdens. People may be extra sensitive at this time. There may be a sense of confusion, or being overwhelmed with subtle vibrations, and this full moon is a time to meditate on clarity. Virgo brings into focus, with pinpoint precision, the oceanic realms of Pisces.

The sign of inner purity, ripeness and abundance, Virgo is the maiden. She is the ancient sign of the Priestess, and the purity and fecundity of the Divine Feminine. In the constellation of Virgo, the virgin carries a wheatsheaf in her hand, symbol of a good harvest of life-giving grain. This is the gold that comes from a process of discernment and refinement, separating the wheat from the chaff. In the wheatsheaf is the star Spica, an incredibly bright star with the qualities of brilliance, excellence, and the perfection of abilities. This is the gift of Virgo, as we go through a process of purification to reveal the inner diamond of our Soul.

The Moon is trine Uranus, which is a harmonious aspect enabling us to connect with the positive qualities of the Great Awakener. Insights, ideas and inspirations arise to shift us out of our current reality. Aspects to Uranus can bring sudden change, shocks and surprises. At this time, be open to accepting new possibilities that may be completely outside your paradigm. Staying within the limitations of the mind creates stuckness. Accepting the idea that there is something more allows us to expand and rise, moving into our greatness.

The power of this full moon has the qualities of washing, cleansing, dreaming, regenerating ourselves in the vast realms of the Goddess, and crystallising those attributes we wish to keep and embody. Within each of us, the Divine Feminine can be resurrected. From the ocean of consciousness, we can recreate ourselves with the pure qualities of our soul. We will emerge stronger, unified and in tune with our purpose. Magical alchemy is occurring.

On this full moon, take some time to go within. Release, let go and allow yourself to be held. Accept what you are shown. Embrace the divine feminine energy, and allow a new crystal of purity to arise within your being.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia

Artwork: Pamela Matthews

Full Snow Moon 8° Virgo 08.17 GMT on 27 February

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