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Full Moon in Taurus Lunar Eclipse – Facing the Shadows

The Full Moon in Taurus lunar eclipse completes the pair of eclipses that began with the solar eclipse in Libra on 14 October. Whatever has been “cooking” for you is coming to completion, like a cake coming out of the oven.

The partial lunar eclipse looked something like an eyeball, the Eye of Ra looking down at what we have created.

The esoteric maxim for Taurus is “I see, and when the Eye is opened, All is Light”.

The Scorpio Taurus axis is really all about seeing the truth with clarity. While the Sun travels through Scorpio, we see deeper into the hidden realms of emotions, trauma and armouring, karmic patterns and mysteries. We are given a window into what is normally hidden or suppressed. When we have the courage to see clearly, we turn and face the shadow.

The Taurus moon brings balance and calls us back to body consciousness, integrating and embodying all we have learned. We have to make the teachings real for ourselves. We have to know the truth in every cell of our bodies.

The solar eclipse in Libra was about relationships, and relationships with significant others may have been tested. All that is out of balance will have been revealed, and this is not always comfortable. Scorpio allows us to purge whatever is blocking true harmony and right relations. Even the best relationships can sometimes build up layers of suspicion and mistrust; habitual reactions that become barriers to intimacy; or simply shutting down to protect the vulnerable heart.

Whatever has emerged in the last two weeks is a good thing, on a personal level. It is allowing you to bring it all to light in the full moon gateway, and release it with the shadow of the eclipse.

Trust and forgiveness are key at this time.

The lunar eclipse heralds endings and beginnings, emotional clearing and releasing false perceptions. If you can communicate openly and honestly it will serve you well. You cannot heal your heart if you do not express the truth of your heart. We are all here to hold each other.

As we work through the energies on a personal level, we lighten the load of the collective, which is intensely charged at this time.

The Sun in Scorpio is moving into conjunction with Mercury and Mars, which is extremely powerful on the personal and collective levels. This means powerful communication, searing truths, and illuminating insights. It can also be aggressive, calculating and strategic, in the lower levels of the 3D world. Tragically this can be a very warlike vibration. The Moon conjunct Jupiter increases and expands this energy, and a square to Pluto brings out the demons of power and control, manipulation, toxic emotions and lower entities. There is much darkness afoot, and certain factions are hypnotising the collective into acquiescing to evil.

The Sun is making a trine to Saturn in Pisces, which means there is a possibility of strength and support to stabilise the situations occurring. Saturn, Lord of Time, Karma, and the boundaries of the physical world is lending a helping hand. We must all do what we can on a practical level. A grand trine in Earth with Venus, Uranus and Pluto is bringing a certain level of stability to the Pluto square, bringing a wildcard energy of Divine feminine grace.

Venus is moving into opposition with Neptune, and more illusions will arise. Do not be swayed. Do not be hypnotised. Stand for all that is good and true and just. In the great awakening, revealing and stripping away all that will matter is your inner integrity, and how you manifested the truth of your soul.

These are the times. We are sparks of the Divine. What does the Divine in you wish to do now?

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 29.10.2023

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