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Full Moon in Leo – Dawn of Aquarius

The Full Moon in Leo dazzles as the first full moon of Pluto in Aquarius, this time around. We are feeling the shift as Pluto begins a new era that will last for the next twenty years. The Sun at 5° Aquarius is conjunct Pluto the planet of transformation and rebirth. This brings an awareness that we must die to the old, to allow the new to take birth.


The Sun and Moon are squaring Jupiter in Taurus, bringing the promise of abundance and hard-won wisdom; while also cautioning against recklessness and false optimism. To live in harmony with the earth, we have to accept things are they are in the now, in order to weave the next chapter as a new creation. We draw on the golden threads and healthy strands in our environment, to design a new tapestry with all that we are.


The Leo Aquarius axis is very potent right now. Leo shines with the brilliance of the Sun, its natural ruler. Leo does not conform; Leo sets the trend with its own unique creativity and flair. The full moon here reminds you to always be true to your essence. What makes you you? This is something that no AI can ever reproduce. The beauty of your soul is the true treasure in your life, your spiritual wealth, and the path to ascension. This is your master key – because there will never be another you.


Aquarius is a difficult sign for the Sun to be in, as the sun’s light is diffused here. It becomes the electrical currents of the glyph of Aquarius, flowing through all in equal measure. Leo is the self-conscious individual – Aquarius is community. It is the recognition that we are many individuals, making up a larger whole. We are all equal in the eyes of God, and we all have access to the same life force energy. The goals of Aquarius are humanitarian goals.


The Leo Aquarius axis is one energy – that of the creative solar light, and the channelling of that creativity into the many, for the benefit of all. As we stand at the dawn of Pluto in Aquarius, we find ourselves in the wake of many tumultuous changes from Pluto’s passage through Capricorn since 2008. Great earth changes have affected the planet’s ecosystems, the weather, structures of governments, power and control. With the shift into Aquarius, we will see major changes in existing community structures. Things may appear to be breaking down – and it is up to us to create new, healthy communities based on new earth values.


This is a powerful time to focus on your purpose and your role in these times. What changes can you implement in your daily life and immediate environment? What are your gifts of service, and the wisdom you bring to new community? What are your divine creative gifts, that shine through when you are simply being you?  


Aquarius is the Water Bearer, pouring forth the water of life from the celestial realms. This is a reminder to always connect to spirit, and take the time to meditate and pray. No matter what is going on in your life, you have access to this Divine elixir, and the ever-filling chalice of Life Force – Light – and Life from the infinite supply. It can never be exhausted. Call on the Divine for assistance, and you will be supported. Call on the Divine for answers, and they will reveal themselves to you. Call on the Divine for the Way forward, and the path will appear.


The Sun is within you – the Stars are within you – the whole Universe exists within your Heart


Full Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 25/01/2024


Full Wolf Moon 5° Leo on 25 January @17.54 GMT /UT




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