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Full Moon in Aries Hunter Moon 20 October - Divine Trust

This full moon is named the Hunter Moon, and it definitely has a “hunter” quality to it. There is a strong Mars Pluto influence to this Aries Moon, opposing the Sun in peace-loving Libra.

The Aries Libra opposition is about war and peace, self and other, instinct and reason. The Moon illuminates the primordial fire sign, the raw energy of the pure divine spark, the fire of Prometheus. Aries is impulsive and acts without thinking, propelled by primal desire. This is in opposition to the airy logic of Libra, the sign of balance, thought and reason, the scales of justice and the resolution of conflict.

We are being called to balance the Aries Libra axis, by integrating our own needs into our relationships and consideration of others. Swinging to the extreme of selfishness breaks relationships. Likewise, being too much of a “people pleaser” and living only for others leads to a lack of fulfilment and being taken advantage of. Look at where late Aries and Libra fall in your chart, and ask yourself which energy needs to be stronger.

This full moon is defined by a square to Pluto, which has the effect of bringing out everything that has been pushed beneath the surface. If there were things that weren’t said during Mercury retrograde, they may well explode into view with this influence, especially as Mercury is still in the shadow period. This is not an easy moon, the Sun is conjunct Mars in Libra, opposing the Moon in Aries, adding to the Marsy intensity of this time. While Mars has been travelling through Libra, the masculine active energy has been more diplomatic, and cerebral. Now opposing the Moon in Aries, expect angry outbursts from some people who need to be dramatic and cannot control their temper.

The Full Moon in Aries is a focal point that brings balance to the Sun’s passage through Libra, with the energy of new beginnings in the cleansing fire of Aries. We have been through the equinox, the balancing of the seasons, and the energy of equilibrium that brings harmony, justice, and resolution of conflict. This full moon heralds a new beginning and a new path of action, with the wisdom of divine law and karmic balance.

The square to Pluto in Capricorn reminds us of all that is still to be done. The whole of the established order has undergone a massive upheaval, and there is more chaos to come as the vibrations of change and transformation ricochet through matter and the 3D world. Problems with physical resources such as food and fuel, land and territories, and freedom to travel are all swirling around in the mix. The Moon in Aries asks us to connect directly to spirit, heed the call, and take bold actions based on divine trust. There is no time to lose. The Sun and Mars in Libra say, walk the path of the razor’s edge. Absolute trust and absolute balance are needed now.

I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force

I walk the path of the razor’s edge

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 20.10.2021

Full Moon 27° Aries Hunter Moon 20 October @ 14.56 UT

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