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Beltane /New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse - Magical Manifestations

The New Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse is a powerful reset point. The energies of April have been super highly charged, with the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces opening the floodgates to the ascension energies. Venus is now dancing together with Jupiter and Neptune, bringing transcendent love right down into personal relationships, expanding the possibilities for forgiveness and understanding.

The solar activity has been extremely intense, with solar flares and geomagnetic storms amping up the solar radiation. This can bring about fast track ascension, and can also lead to burn out; feeling frazzled, overwhelmed; feeling high and blissful one day, and the next crashing into overwhelming emotions and instability.

Many insights may have presented themselves to you during the past month, also people may have crashed and burned out of your life as the separation of the timelines continues. Allow the shift to happen, and the truth to be revealed.

The new moon in Taurus brings a newfound stability as we embrace the earth element, and ground excess electrical energy. Taurus is the sacred bull, who was considered to be the embodiment of Osiris, God in Form. Taurus is also the sacred cow, Goddess Hathor, the Earth Mother. At this time, we renew our connection to Mother Earth, spending time in nature and sending our love into the earth and wildlife. The earth will hold us, nurture and support us, and allow us to feel that stability we so need.

There is also partial solar eclipse, visible in South America and Antarctica. This gives us a reboot and deeper reset from the intense energies we have been through. A solar eclipse calls you to re-evaluate your soul path and purpose, and let go of everything that has been weighing you down. Many shadows and demons emerged during the dark moon phase, and they can now be brought to light in the fires of May Day, and burned as we emerge, stronger and more resilient than ever.

The festival of May Day /Beltane is a sacred fire festival between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. On this day the sap is rising in the leaves, as nature is growing in abundance. In the Celtic lands we honour the Green Man, and the union of masculine and feminine energies on this traditional day of marriage and sacred love. The element of fire represents passion, sexuality, creativity and joy. It is a reminder that, whatever obstacles we may face, the Lifeforce is stronger and we can overcome them together.

During the next two weeks, we are in the eclipse window leading up to the Beltane full moon. This is time of rising energy, increasing lifeforce and growth. All things can be transformed. Magical alchemy is present when we join with the forces of nature and the cosmos.

On this Beltane New Moon, allow yourself to dream. Let go of all that has been weighing you down. Ask to be shown your magical self, full of Divine possibilities.

Life can shift in an instant.

Joy is a marvellous manifester.

As life grows and renews itself once more, let Beauty grow within you.

What does the Creator want to express through your form, your body, your life?

Beltane New Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 01.05.2022

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