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Full Moon in Gemini 14 December 2016

Full Moon in Gemini 14 December 2016

The Gemini Full Moon highlights issues of communication. All kinds of communication blocks may surface in your relationships, especially as we are in the shadow of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn which can bring issues of respect to the fore. The Moon opposes Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, which brings a serious tone to this normally freedom-loving sign. Moon in Gemini wants to share information – any information, as it continually absorbs and and reflects what is going on in the environment. Social Media is a very Gemini arena as snippets of information are shared liberally, and people can get quite literally overwhelmed by the plethora of headlines, articles, memes and commentaries. However, the twins’ desire to share information is not tempered by morals, hence the lower vibration of gossip and Twitter wars that we see in society at the moment. Air signs do not always consider feelings, so take care with your thoughts and words at this Full Moon time.

Sun in Sagittarius calls for bold adventures, expansion of knowledge in the broader sense, philosophical discussions involving faith and religion, spiritual teachings and yearning for a truer way of life. Saturn is conjunct the Sun so the sense of freedom is restricted by a weight of responsibility. You are seeking to balance these two poles of airy communication and fiery adventure, the sharing of superficial information with deeper learning, light hearted banter with weighty truths, thoughts and ideas with the highest calling of your soul. Saturn is compelling you to do this, as serious matters require your consideration.

There are a lot of harmonious aspects in the sky, so if you're out partying for the festive season it could be a very sociable, communicative time; a Grand Trine in air allows for a sense of ease and grace, with big ideas being talked up as the Moon is amplified by Jupiter and Mars. We also have a Mystic Rectangle involving the Moon, Uranus, Sun/Saturn and Jupiter. Awakening and Ascension are much talked about subjects at this time, as the changes happening in society cannot be ignored. This is an ideal time to gain new insights into complex matters, see new perspectives on spiritual truths, and really “get it” in a whole new way.

A T-square with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra, and Mercury Pluto in Capricorn at its head allows for probing insights into the mass breakdowns happening in the establishment, and enables communication to have a powerful effect when used correctly. The Uranus Pluto Square still in aspect is being touched on by Mercury the trickster, the Winged Messenger; and these societal issues of upheaval, rebellion, conflict and displacement are currently very prominent in all of our lives. Uranus in Aries signifies the awakening of the individual, the crucial factor in this dance of energies. Jupiter in Libra brings a sense of grace and abundance, and the desire for justice and balance to come about.

This Full Moon seek the balance within you. The balance between work and play, humour and sobriety, freedom and boundaries. Some enlightening conversations could be in order. Be receptive to new ideas, pathways to freedom, inspirations that promise to touch many lives. Truth will be revealed in relationships, and remember tact and diplomacy could go a long way to ease the bite of Mercury Pluto, and the carelessness of Gemini words spoken without consideration. Sun Saturn urges some caution and restraint. Within all of this, the Grand Trine in air allows the breath of spirit to flow through our lives, reminding us that we come from somewhere higher and to spirit we will return.

Katy Keel 13.12.16

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