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New Moon in Taurus – Manifesting Visions of Spirit

The New Moon in Taurus comes as spring is blossoming in the Northern hemisphere. Everywhere new green leaves express the energy of growth and fertility in the earth element. Taurus is related to Mother Nature, the one who provides and manifests abundance. This new moon is all about planting seeds, and nurturing your creations.


The Sun and Moon are conjunct Uranus, so expect some twists of fate and surprise occurrences. We are moving out of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus, which has shaken things up and may have brought sudden change into your life. This new moon is a good time to meditate on those changes, and the new things coming into your life. Are they desirable? What do you need to do to shake yourself out of a rut? What would you change if you could change anything in your life?


The Sun and Moon are also sextile Saturn, which is a positive aspect bringing opportunities to create new stability. It is time to build foundations in the earth element for the next chapter of your life. What would really benefit you in the long term? What would help to provide you with a platform from which to fulfil your dreams?


The sign of Taurus is fixed earth. It reminds us to slow down, connect to nature and the natural world, and just appreciate where we are in this moment. There is no purpose in rushing around trying to achieve many things, if we never just sit and be. In Taurus, we can create heaven on earth.


Ruled by Venus, this sign is all about bringing beauty into the material world, and can give rise to great art, music, physical performance and natural creations. Eco-living, permaculture, new ways of living sustainably and growing food all come under this influence, and have been seeing a surge of interest while Jupiter has been moving through Taurus.


Esoterically, the sign of Taurus is about opening the inner eye and seeing the light. When you are truly embodied in the physical, and you bring balance to your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, you are able to open the inner vision and see the light of the soul. The soul expresses itself through its vehicle on earth, and once accessed, can create beautiful gardens from inner vision manifested through the earth element. Vision is needed in order to create.


A new moon is a new beginning, heralding the cycle of a new month, year, and greater cycles of months and years. When the Sun conjuncts the Moon, it is the most powerful conjunction we experience on earth. At this time, it is beneficial to meditate on letting go of the past, releasing all that no longer serves, and focusing on calling in a positive new future. In the sign of Taurus, manifesting in the earth element is supported.


With manifestations, it is important to remember that we manifest collectively. Every true manifestation is part of a group manifestation for the highest good. Every vision is part of a collective vision that is guided by spirit. We do not manifest only for self-serving aims; this is not a sustainable energy and cannot be supported long term. When we each connect to our purpose, and receive higher guidance, we will know what to manifest to serve a larger purpose.


On this new moon, may you manifest the highest vision of your soul and create beautiful gardens that nurture and sustain life.


New Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 08.05.2024


New Moon 18* Taurus 8 May @03.21 GMT /UT


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