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When Egypt calls...

What does it mean to be called to a certain land? Why do we feel drawn to certain places on the planet? Why do we feel a specific energy in one location, and not in another?

The answer to this, is that not all places are the same. Mother Earth is alive, and she has a system of energy meridians and chakras. Our individual energy systems respond differently to our environment.

People have always travelled to sacred sites and power places. At Stonehenge in England, it is known that pilgrims travelled from as far as Scotland, the North of Britain, Ireland and even from France and Europe, just to be in that place for sacred ceremony. The leylines, grids and focussed energy are incomparable. The area of Stonehenge, Avebury and Avalon is known as the Heart Chaka of the Earth.

Giza in Egypt is known to be the Throat Chakra of the Earth, and this is where the Great Pyramids were built, and the Sphinx, the world's oldest monument. If you lay out a map of the world with all the leylines and grids, Giza is at the very centre. The throat chakra relates to the Voice, and Hekau - words of power - were at the heart of the Egyptian mysteries.

The land of Egypt is so mysterious, it looks like it has been designed by God, as the Nile river and Nile Delta look like a beautiful blooming Lotus flower. The Blue Lotus is a symbol of Egypt. Giza and Cairo are at the heart of the lotus, and seven tributaries of the Nile used to run from Cairo old town.

All the way along the Nile, from Cairo through Luxor to Aswan, are the temples and power sites of ancient days. Each place has a different vibration, connecting to the power of the land and the waters, inscribed knowledge, huge ancient energies, and rites of days gone by. There is a temple for each chakra, and in our group we will do chakra activations at specific sites. We will meditate and work with sound, and also sacred oils which were offerings to the Gods. Some places are deeply primordial, and they activate the DNA and remembrance in a phenomenal way.

Why does Egypt affect people so powerfully?

The great mystery of Egyptian civilisation, is that there was no rise and fall. The culture was at its height at the very beginning. It arrived there, complete. After a long Golden Age and many thousands of years, it gradually declined. There are different theories on why this is the case. Some believe the Atlanteans came from the sinking continent and founded the culture of Ancient Egypt. Some believe beings came directly from Sirius, bringing advanced knowledge and wisdom to the indigenous people of that land.* The complex tombs and funerary rites were all designed to assist the pharaohs in returning to the Stars from whence they came.

Whatever you choose to believe, or research for yourself, when you come to Egypt and feel the vibrations you will see that it is like nowhere else on earth. The temples and power places have been designed to encompass very specific energies. The Temple is the House of the Neter, it houses the energy of that deity itself. Neter /Neteru is the word for Gods and Goddesses, and it is the root of our word for Nature. The Neteru are forces of nature, aspects of consciousness. When you work with them, you can begin to embody that aspect of consciousness.

The land of Egypt is like a Star map for the Soul, if you know how to read it. The world's oldest Zodiac was found in Denderah, the Temple of Hathor. Egyptian astrology was vast and complex, and took at least twelve years to learn. It was used for aligning with the energies of the land and the waters, of nature, the Sun and Stars, and the cycles of life, death and rebirth. The most important thing to the people was Harmony, and One Love. The cycles of the flooding of the Nile and the fertility of the Black Land of Khemet were celebrated and revered.

Egypt above all is a bountiful and generous land. Her energies are so giving, if you receive and surrender and follow the law of life, showing kindness to the people around you. She will take you on a journey and show you things you never dreamed of. There is so much to learn here, knowledge that is greatly needed in the world today. Time is of the essence. Life is precious. If you are called to Egypt, that means she has a gift for you. This will be a priceless treasure in your heart. And with this treasure, you will be able to shine more light for others.

I will be bringing a group to Egypt in February 2022. A group of soul sisters who are ready to rediscover their priestess lives. We will work with astrology, and chakra meditations, aligning with the Neteru, and working with sacred oils and sound. We will honour the land and give back to the people as we walk our sacred pilgrimage. Above all, we do our sacred work and send planetary healing as required.

To learn more about the trip, and view the itinerary, click here:

A deeply empowering place that... blasted my heart wide open

"It is hard to put into words what I experienced on my journey to Egypt with Katy and our incredible group of women. First off I had no desire to go to Egypt but it kept calling me and showing up in my world so I began my search for a retreat. I knew that If I went it had to be a spiritual retreat that went beyond the surface level of the traditional tours. When I came across Katy’s website and read the incredible intinerary I immediately knew I had found my retreat. Egypt was so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is a deeply empowering place that has awakened caged up power within me, and blasted my heart wide open. It gave me the courage to release the things and people in my life that were safe and comfortable allowing me the space to grow beyond my fears, and false limitations. It was the perfect way to end a year of self work. I am new blank canvas ready to paint my masterpiece. So if you are ready for transformation and Egypt has been calling you I highly suggest Katy and her retreat. I am forever grateful to Egypt and most of all the beautiful soul sisters I gained on this journey." Amanda Beisel

Divine Feminine in Egypt 2018

Katy Sophia 29.11.2021

Katy Sophia Soul Radiance

Astrologer, Energy Healer, Ascension Coach, Retreat Facilitator, Writer

Katy is a transformational facilitator who loves holding spiritual retreats at power sites around the world. With over 20 years experience in holistic healing, meditation, astrology and group work, she assists participants to transform their inner obstacles and find self-empowerment. Her soul work is in Egypt, where she met her husband and twin flame. Together they offer healing and alchemical work to assist the ascension.

Katy has led retreats and sacred journeys in Egypt, Glastonbury, and Portugal; she runs womens' circles and Red Tents in London; and she teaches astrology, energy healing, & feminine empowerment. A skilled and experienced astrologer, writer, energy healer and coach, she combines multi-faceted sacred knowledge to empower and transform.

*The Sirius Connection by Murry Hope explains these ideas.

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