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New Moon in Cancer – Cosmic Love

The New Moon in Cancer is a deeply sensitive and psychic new moon, conjunct the star Sirius. This is a time to retreat from the world and go within, diving deep into the emotional landscapes and finding a point of release.


The Mercury Pluto opposition of this week has functioned like a psychological probe, bringing out demons and shadows from the deep psyche. You may be more aware of what you need to heal and release, and this is the natural time to let go.


The Sun and Moon conjoin in the Moon’s own sign, heralding a time of sensitivity, clear dreams and inner guidance. Meditation will be heightened, and you may listen carefully and ask for answers.


The conjunction with Sirius makes this lunation extra powerful. Sirius is the higher star to our sun, and every year at this time their alignment brings new light codes and increased frequencies. This is a time to connect with your soul origins, and feel the vibrant energy that sustains you from within, regardless of outer circumstances. On the new moon, we can go very deep with the Sirian energy.


The sign of Cancer brings the focus onto family and close relationships, and the energy of love and nurturing. If you can’t be physically close to loved ones, you will feel them energetically or in the spirit realm. Soul family are close, and old soul connections may come in.


In Egypt, the sign of Cancer relates to the scarab, and the first human incarnation. This is why it is at the centre of the Denderah Zodiac. All life emanates from the crab /scarab, with its shell representing the boundary of form. As we take human form, we enter the realm of duality, and go on a journey of involution, until we begin to evolve back to spirit.


Cancer is the mother, and also the child. The mother and child have been prominent in people’s consciousness lately. On this new moon, we can access the unconditional love of the Divine Mother, and feel the embrace of the Goddess.


A trine aspect to Saturn in Pisces brings a harmonious flow to the energies of Saturn retrograde, which can be tough to work with as the structures of your life are tested. This new moon will show you how to ease into the retrograde period, which lasts until mid-November; and how you can make things easier for yourself.


There is also a sextile to Mars in Taurus, bringing an active energy of slow, determined power to the new beginnings you choose to create at this time. Mars is also sextile Saturn, bringing a graceful alignment between Mars, Saturn and the Sun and Moon.


This new moon has much sensitivity, with the possibility of increased empathy, understanding and forgiveness. It has the scope for dazzling insight, elevation and clear seeing; and also the power to shift heavy obstacles in the material world.


This time window is a gift to assist you in letting go of what is simply no good for your soul anymore, and focusing on the new beginnings you wish to create. We are all held in the arms of the Mother. We are all born of cosmic love, and Divine grace. Like Nut, we have the potential to be endlessly recreated and reborn.


There is nothing to fear and nothing to lose. All is contained within.


New Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 05.07.2024



New Moon 14* Cancer on 5 July @22.57 GMT /UT






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