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North Node enters Taurus

The North Node has entered Taurus, after being in Gemini since May 2020. This represents a collective shift in priorities, and will be felt as a “coming down to earth”. Since May 2020 the focus has been on finding new ways to communicate and share information. The pandemic and ensuing chaos, lockdowns and restrictions has forced us to communicate in new ways, forming new groups and networks, using new online tools, connecting to each other with knowledge and information, literally creating a new “nervous system” in humanity.

The North Node is where we are challenged to go. It is not easy, and never feels comfortable. The shift into Taurus brings us back to fundamental values. We live on the earth, we come from the earth, Gaia is our Mother. It cannot be otherwise. To live on this planet means to live in harmony with the earth, and this is the meaning of Taurus. When we get too far out of whack with natural cycles, real sickness is created. If we ignore nature and natural remedies in favour of the artificial, the synthetic, the twisted and perverse, we become perverse, out of alignment with natural harmonics, cut off, disconnected, and discarded like rubbish.

The shift into Taurus reminds us of basic necessities, such as food and provisions. There are problems in the supply chain. It is a good time to learn to grow your own food, even some vegetables and herbs, if you can. Many are already doing this. Permaculture, reforestation, saving seed, learning about food as medicine, herbalism, oils and natural remedies are worthwhile activities. There are many who have embraced community living, nurturing and cherishing the land, and sharing resources instead of living in separation, as society expects us to do. This is the time of sharing. Mother nature provides enough for us all.

Taurus is an earth sign, and urges us to come back down to earth and get really grounded. How can you appreciate your daily reality and make it as beautiful as possible? Taurus is also the temple of the body. As sovereign beings, our bodies are sacred. Our health cannot be dictated by others. To dictate and impose measures on the health of another is like an army invading sovereign land. It is time we recognised and appreciated the beauty and sacredness of our own body. As a fixed sign, Taurus is strong. There is nothing stronger than a bull digging its heels in. We come together in strength and fixity in our sovereign immunity.

The South Node is the opposite node of the moon, and shows the shadow traits we are letting go of. While the South Node was in Sagittarius, humanity was purging itself of dogmatic teachers and leaders, outmoded beliefs and false ideologies. Many “false light gurus” were exposed. We were reminded that too much extravagance and excess creates a rotten, unbalanced society. Those who recklessly abuse for personal gain cannot be running the show. The shadow of Sagittarius unchecked is greed, gambling and exploration without conscience.

Now the South Node has shifted into Scorpio. This is going to be a major release of negativity. While we are called to be grounded in Taurus, and create a healthy life for ourselves in the sovereign temple of our body, the cesspools of the planet will be draining. The shadow of Scorpio is all the toxic, stagnant waters that lie hidden. The toxic emotions that have built up in the collective, of fear and panic and despair. The toxic chemical soup in the environment, and in the bloodstream of a large percentage of humanity. The hidden structures of control and domination, underhand strategies and machinations. The corruption and poison of the minority – the Plutocracy – after Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio.

This will be a major period of purging and release. On a personal level, it is a good time to do a cleanse, cleanse the lymphatic system, and do a clean-up of your life. Get back to your core values, and set your foundations. Are you happy where you are living? Do you have what you need around you, in terms of community and resources? Think about stability for the future in changing times. Look at your values and resources in a new way. What is really important? Even currency is changing – now is the time to make sure you are prepared.

Taurus is about strength and boundaries. Make sure you set yours. It is up to us to create the world we wish to live in. When we tune in and connect, the inner resources of spirit are boundless. Taurus is ultimately a symbol of the perfected being, who fully embodies their Divinity. May we remember the sacredness of all life, and express the glory of the Soul and Spirit within.

Katy Sophia 20.01.2022

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