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Spring Equinox – Sun enters Aries

The Vernal Equinox occurs at 03.07 GMT /UT on 20 March 2024. This is the moment that the Sun enters Aries, the sign of primordial fire. The day and night are equal length, and the Earth’s magnetic field is lowered for a window of about 48 hours around the exact equinox.


The equinox is an extremely powerful time to meditate, send healing, and connect to your higher self. In this time of equilibrium, it is possible to find balance between the physical body and energy bodies. A balance between heart and mind, body and soul, masculine and feminine. We are naturally more receptive to energies when the magnetic field of the Earth is lowered.


This moment signals the beginning of the astrological year, as the Sun leaves watery Pisces and is reborn in the cardinal fire of Aries. The time period just before the equinox is a time for releasing and letting go what no longer serves. This is especially potent as we have a Sun Neptune conjunction, which was exact on 17 March. Neptune rules loss and dissolution, and can help us to consciously release old energy from the emotional body while the Sun is in the last degrees of Pisces.


As we move into the new energy of Aries, we are reborn in the element of fire. Cardinal fire is about leadership, taking the initiative, igniting new ideas and forging ahead with new projects. It is an active energy, full of warmth and enthusiasm, spontaneity and dynamism. While the Sun is in Pisces we may dwell on emotions, dreaming of many possibilities; we may also be filled with doubt and indecision, and some confusion. The energy of Aries has no doubt, it simply goes with the spark and charges ahead like the Ram, unafraid of taking risks. This is why it is a sign of leadership, and is known for being bold, impulsive and sometimes rash.


Before the equinox we dream of a new life. When we enter Aries, our dreams are forged in the fire. We take decisive action.


This year is a Wood Dragon year in the Chinese zodiac; it has huge potential for forward movement and positive growth. The equinox is the time to ignite the spark of your dreams for this year, and begin the journey.


This is also a universal 8 year in numerology; a year that represents a culmination of the last eight years since 2017. It is a year when you may reap rewards as your efforts manifest into the physical. It can be very abundant for some – depending on your personal numerology and your astrology chart. It is also a time when unsound structures may show themselves to be unworkable. Pay attention to what shows up for you this year – the fruits of your labours will appear in different ways.


Many people are seeking abundance and prosperity, and it is worth remembering that these come through acts of service. If your life is on track with your soul purpose, and you are actively involved in your field of service, then your own life will be taken care of.


As we move into this new astrological year, the Leo Aquarius axis is being highlighted. Pluto in Aquarius is in sextile to the Sun; and the Moon in Leo is trine the Sun. The Moon and Pluto are in opposition; signalling the need to balance the energies of Leo and Aquarius in our lives. The era of Pluto in Aquarius is about community, and building new workable structures for humanity to thrive. In order to do this we need to call on the energy of Leo, represented by the self-conscious individual who is living from the awakened heart centre, shining the solar light of creativity and divinity. When our communities are made up of individuals embodying their unique heart expression, we will truly flourish as One.


Equinox Blessings


Katy Sophia 18.03.2024




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