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New Moon in Capricorn – Point of Power

The New Moon in Capricorn is the first new moon of 2024. This is a pivotal moment to focus and manifest your path for the year ahead. Capricorn brings in new structures and discipline, and the ability to create anew from all you have learned.


The last year brought many challenges and events unfolding. Midwinter was a time to release the density of the year, and turn inwards to dream new dreams. As the light begins to rise after the solstice, the Sun and Moon conjoin in Capricorn, creating a point of power. It is important to use this time wisely.


Capricorn is symbolised by the goat with a fish’s tail. The mythical seagoat emerges from the primordial waters of creation, coming onto land, and climbing the mountain to the highest peak. Goats are at home on steep mountain paths, sure-footed and resilient, they do not fear the climb. The mountain is the pinnacle of the earth element, and the goat of Capricorn ascends to the summit.


When you are on the path of your life, it is easy to look down at the swirling chaos of the world, and feel afraid to go on. It is possible to get side-tracked, fall off the path into steep ravines, dense forests, or rocky outcrops. What does the goat do? It finds a way and moves on. It doesn’t fear heights; it needs to keep moving to stay alive, always moving to the next peak on the horizon, pushing itself further, until it finds the verdant slopes again.


These times may be hard, but the summit calls you on.


The mountain of Capricorn represents the pinnacle of the material world, and some are driven by the goal of wealth and materialism. This is an empty goal in itself, an empty promise bringing a host of new problems, desires, and different goals.


The purpose of life is to come back to spirit. To return to the Divine.


When a soul has gone as far as it can into the material life, there is no choice but to turn inwards and return to spirit.


In the new earth, wealth brings responsibility. We are all responsible for care-taking our earth and fellow beings. Capricorn brings the ability to master the material world and generate wealth, which can be channelled into new structures to uplift others and improve living conditions. This is a good time to look at your path and see where you can make a contribution.


This new moon has a trine to Uranus, the planet of change and awakening. This is a positive aspect bringing new opportunities out of the blue, lightning bolts of inspiration, and unexpected outcomes. Stay present to what is transpiring, and be prepared to go with new currents.


If you are experiencing challenges right now, you will be shown the answer and the way forward. A huge energy change is coming, when Pluto enters Aquarius on 21 January, the day after the Sun enters Aquarius. The planet of transformation and rebirth will remain in this sign until September, bringing fresh energy for 2024. Existing community structures will begin to break down and it is up to us to create new, beneficial ones.


On this new moon, as you meditate and reflect, you may be shown how you can create new healthy structures in your life, and form new community based on soul family and shared purpose.  


New Moon Blessings


Katy Sophia 11.01.2024


New Moon 20° Capricorn on 11 January @11.57 GMT /UT


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