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Full Moon in Virgo – Manifest your Vision

The Full Moon in Virgo brings focus to the watery ocean of Piscean energy present at this time, with the Sun, Mercury and Neptune here, and Saturn about to shift into Pisces tomorrow. The full moon is a time of reflection, illumination, and a culmination of the past month. The seeds you planted on the new moon in Pisces are beginning to grow.

With the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, you may be feeling emotional, and more in tune with the feeling realms. Tears may flow, as the heart is cleansed, particularly after the 3:3 portal and the Venus Jupiter conjunction, which brought a big heart opening energy. It is best to allow the emotions to flow, so the river of the heart may move swiftly and not stagnate. Stuck emotions cause constriction, so let them flow out.

The energy of Pisces is subtle and intuitive, and all encompassing. Your dreams may be profound, and insights more powerful. Pisces is the mystic with a heart of oneness, with nowhere to go and nothing to do. We are called to balance this energy with Virgo, the opposite pole. Virgo is a sign of purity, very focused on details and precision. You may have big dreams, and a vague feeling of your direction, but Virgo will help you to pin down the details of how you will get there.

Virgo is a sign of great humility and dedication to the work. The virgin /maiden /priestess is a master craftswoman, continually creating, and throwing out what is no longer necessary. She is constantly honing and refining her work, perfecting the details, and developing her inner gifts so that they become radiant diamonds of purity. In the constellation of Virgo, Spica is the brightest star, representing brilliance.

In this moment, do you need to focus more on the details? Do you need to be ruthless and throw out clutter of all kinds? Do you need to take more care to strive for brilliance in your work? Is more order, structure and precision needed in your life? Do you need to ground in nature and clear your mind?

Or are things too meticulous, too work-focused, so you can’t see the wood for the trees? Do you need to relax and dream, leaning more into the Piscean axis, trusting your intuition more? Do you need to let go, and allow things to get messy and chaotic, so that the Divine can move through the narrow confines of your life and shake things up? Do you long to be near water?

It is all about finding the balance within yourself. Like music, Virgo is the rhythm and the steps of the dance, Pisces is the melody and flow.

This full moon is positively aspected to Uranus, which is sextile the Sun and trine the Moon. This means you can really get creative and allow inspiration to strike. Beneficial opportunities could appear out of the blue. A leap of faith can yield good results, when aligned with your soul and higher guidance.

The full moon is also in a T-square to Mars in Gemini, which brings a more challenging energy, potentially in the form of triggering communications. People may be argumentative for the sake of it, getting over-zealous about ideas. The square to Mars also puts you under pressure to act. With all the dreamy Piscean energy, and the Virgo moon bringing the focus to your visions, Mars is spurring you on to create and manifest your ideas and make them happen. This is a powerful combination.

On this full moon, take some time to reflect and meditate. Call on your higher guidance. Visions may be clearer and stronger. If you ask a question you will get an answer. Ask to be shown the practical steps to walk towards your dreams, and what you need to focus on to make them work. The energy of Mars brings vitality and movement, and the ability to manifest your visions. Magic can happen, when you are truly in alignment.

“Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 07.03.2023

Full Worm Moon 16° Virgo on 7 March @12.40 GMT /UT

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