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Full Moon in Taurus 31 October – Plato’s Cave

Full Moon 8 degrees Taurus Saturday 31 October at 13.49 UT

This is a moon of intense power, with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus falling right on Halloween or Samhain. There are many challenging aspects around this lunation which heighten the intensity. The Moon is conjunct Uranus, which has an electric quality of sudden change and shocking awakenings. Mars is square to Jupiter and Pluto, provoking conflicts and intensified interactions. And Mercury, in the last few days of retrograde, is squaring Saturn, putting pressure on communications.

This full moon will affect us for three days before and three days after the exact full moon. We are in the time where the veils are thin, moving through Halloween and the Day of the Dead, the sacred time for communing with spirit the world over. At this time, it is vital to focus on the light within, and clearing the karmic shadows that emerge. In this cauldron of intensity, we must not allow collective projected illusions to control our view of reality. Plato’s cave only controls from the darkness within.

The Sun at 8 degrees Scorpio illuminates the darkness of the underworld, the hidden, the taboo, the concealed power structures and the rotten machinations that seek to gain total control of humanity. Know Thyself – Knowledge is Power – the Truth will set you Free. The flame that burns in the darkness reveals the truth, as we perceive the truth of who we are. Once we can alchemise our own darkness and pain, our light shines brighter, our power is greater. Scorpio is mystical knowledge, and knowledge of alchemy. As we transmute the darkness, we strengthen our ability to stand with our brothers and sisters. We call upon ancient power, and cannot be swayed by false projections and snares.

The Moon conjunct Uranus at 8 degrees Taurus illuminates the energy of Taurus, the body, the Earth, the physical world. Taurus balances the probing psychological energy of Scorpio with groundedness and awareness of life through the senses. We must fully inhabit the body and be deeply connected to the Earth, in order to access the higher transformational realms of the mysteries. Taurus is the energy of embodiment. We manifest the wisdom of the soul here and now, with divine embodiment. However, with Uranus here don’t expect things to run smoothly.

Uranus has been moving through Taurus since 2018, shaking and waking up the world in many ways. Lightening bolts of change and awakening are interacting directly with the Earth, and the physical systems we live within. We have seen massive shifts and unrest in governments and power structures, with traditional ways of life being disrupted. The Earth is going through many changes, reflected in increased natural disasters, manmade wreaking of havoc upon natural systems, and the elements seeking to redress the balance. The Moon here is highlighting these earth changes and disruptions as we walk on unstable ground, seeking to hold the balance between earth and sky.

The Scorpio Taurus axis magnifies the root cause of suffering, and the physical manifestations of it. The power, magic, alchemy and psychological processes that shape our reality, interact with the natural world and our physical senses, within the 3D illusion. Senses are heightened, vision is heightened, and so are shadow play and paranoia, manipulation and hypnosis. Clear, balanced vision with the accuracy of an eagle, rooted deeply into the earth and connected to heaven is what will assist us now.

Mars at 16 degrees Aries is squaring Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. Mars, still retrograde, is in its own sign of the impulsive warrior and pioneer. The square to Pluto is bringing out the shadow of the masculine and systems of control. With more and more people waking up, this provocative energy can highlight what is wrong with the power games being played. Mars square Pluto is an extremely tense aspect linked to death and destruction, which we are already seeing in events escalating around the world. There are those who would benefit from division, conflicts and war, who are pushing this energy to serve their interests. God willing we can shift this into a dynamic rebirth of consciousness.

Mars square Jupiter is magnifying the energy of anger, conflict and unhealed wounds. Tensions escalate as feuds and prejudice rear their ugly heads. Jupiter conjunct Pluto is magnifying the toxic underbelly of all that is erupting within humanity right now. This is a purging energy. Jupiter also brings wisdom, expansion and new life to the aftermath of this release. The key is to focus on seeing the big picture, and what unites us as human beings. The wisdom is in knowing that our natural joy of living does not need to be siphoned off so that we can be played like pawns in some twisted game. Sovereignty elevates, as we rise above the disorder and let our innate goodness shine.

Mercury has been retrograding through Scorpio since mid October, shifting the focus of communication and thinking patterns to past relationships, dramas and interactions. The purpose of this phase is to clear relationships and karmic patterning. Mercury has now entered late Libra for the last few days of retrograde. The focus of the Scorpio phase was the clearing of issues relating to sexuality, intimacy and control dramas. Now in Libra, we are learning what it means to be in equal, balanced relationship and what we need to let go of in order to experience that harmony in our lives. However, with Mercury square to Saturn, we are under pressure and communications may be strained. Stressful circumstances and obstacles within and without are testing and attempting to throw us off balance.

Mercury will station direct in Libra on 3 November, the day of the US elections. However, a stationary Mercury square to Saturn is problematic for communications, technology, media and administration, and there will likely be major issues regarding voting, counts and results. This energy will gradually ease up as Mercury begins to move direct and out of its square with Saturn later in the month.

So there are many magnified and intense energies around this full moon. The key is to maintain your balance, anchor deeply into the earth and open yourself to divine wisdom. Recognise your triggers, and practise holding the balance within and without. Remember that this is a sacred time. Call upon the ancestors for guidance and assistance. Let us be the seeds of peace in a turbulent shifting world, holding the vision of what life can be in the sunlight of the New Earth. As we emerge from Plato’s cave may we be held in limitless love and compassion.

May we emerge beyond the veils in the rebirth of the Light.

Katy Sophia 30.10.2020

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