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Full Moon in Cancer 30 December – Birthing the New Earth

The last full moon of 2020 illuminates the watery sign of Cancer, opening the floodgates for emotional release. This is the birthing moon of the Age of Aquarius, and the waters are breaking.

Cancer is cardinal water, and it governs mastery of the emotional realms. Don’t be surprised if you experience a build up of feelings relating to many aspects of your life, and the state of the world. We have all been through so much this year.

In order to move on, we have to feel and release the emotions, so that we can heal. It is not wrong to suffer or to feel pain. It is not “unenlightened” to sometimes feel defeated, or inadequate, or that we could do so much more. Suppressed hurt and pain becomes illness. If you have a strong water element, this process will not be too hard for you, but some may find it very challenging as they are confronted with feelings they were not previously aware of.

Life unfolds day by day, and humans are remarkable at adapting and accepting the status quo. However, we have all lost so much this year, and it is time to acknowledge this so that we can allow ourselves to be cleansed and renewed in the healing waters.

Life will never be the same, nor will things ever “go back to normal”. The world is breaking down before our eyes, and we look forward to new communities based on trust and respect, shared values, and above all, Love. Mother Gaia wants to support us in this, and, as the crab protects its soft body with a tough shell, so She will shield and protect us as long as we live close to Her.

This Full Moon, allow yourself to connect to the earth, the waters, Mother Nature, the moon and the stars. This is the great reset. Nature is ascending, and Love will carry us through.

The Cancer Capricorn axis is about home and family, tradition, work life balance, and the mother and father energy. Most of us have experienced a massive shift towards spending more time at home, and issues of home and family have been paramount. Many businesses have been destroyed, and also new businesses are flourishing. With so much Capricorn energy this year with the heavyweight planets there, we have been able to perceive all that is wrong with big business and corporations, the establishment, and out-dated decaying structures. Moon in Cancer shines a much needed balancing light into the lives of everyday people, living from a core of feelings and emotions, not cold profit-driven motives or other agendas.

The Moon is sextile Uranus, which allows us to tap into the energy of awakening, divine inspiration and positive change. There has been much learning this year, new connections formed, new communities being created. We are reaching the tipping point and critical mass for real change to take root. Everything can change in an instant, as we vision the life we are moving towards. Uranus is, of course, the ruler of the new great astrological age we are now entering. The energy of enlightenment, electromagnetic life-force energy and photonic light is more readily available. As we raise our vibration, new possibilities are revealed, and whole new realms of consciousness emerge.

The Moon is trine Neptune in Pisces, which allows us to connect with deep spiritual guidance and assistance. Meditation on the truth behind illusions will set us free. Before Neptune completes its sojourn in Pisces, may we truly see a world that has let go of illusions, allowing the light of spirit to permeate all we do.

As the full moon Mother illuminates her own sign, allow the energy of the Divine Feminine, the Goddess, to nurture you in her loving arms. She will not let you fall. You are loved, you are accepted, in your wholeness, in your brokenness, in your mistakes, you are still Her child. Drink deeply of this Love, and treat everyone as a child of the Goddess. Pay attention to your dreams and visions, give thanks, and trust in the birthing of the new earth.

“You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Max Ehrmann

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 30.12.2020

Artwork: The Goddess Nut, AuroraEventide

Full Moon 8° Cancer 30 December 3.28am GMT

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