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Full Moon in Aries 1 October – Warriors of Light Emerge

This Full Moon at 9° Aries is in the sign of primordial fire. The full moon represents the blossoming of the lunar cycle, a time of reflection and revelation, and an expression of what was seeded on the new moon in Virgo two weeks ago.

We have just come through the equinox gateway, and the Sun in Libra illuminates the qualities of peace, harmony, balance, justice, beauty, and relationships. The Moon in the opposite sign of Aries calls us to balance self and other, and bring our own needs into focus.

The full moon in Aries asks you, what do you desire? What is the essence of you that you carry forward in this moment? Where is your true passion, that will reignite the spark in your heart and energise you to move forward?

The Sun in Libra asks us to look at sacred relationships, soul family, and who we truly resonate with. We can have authentic relationships with others when we truly know ourselves – Aries. The Autumn time is about stripping away unnecessary things, and releasing the burdens of the year. With this moon we return to our intrinsic soul fire that can never be destroyed.

The full moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, so this is a time of deep healing. The ruler, Mars is retrograde in Aries, bringing forth deeply repressed shadows from times gone by, past aeons, the patriarchy, and archontic rulership and control. What is hurting us now are these systems of control. It is imperative to detach from the trauma and heal the past, so we can be strong in our own light and our true power.

The Sun and Moon are moving into a T-square with Jupiter in Capricorn. This powerful aspect creates tension, which is all in cardinal signs. Issues of leadership, sovereignty and power are highlighted, as we see in the US presidential elections and elsewhere. Who truly holds the power? How do we express our sovereignty? The key to this aspect is Jupiter, the release point. We find healing and release by expanding our sense of being within the restrictions we find ourselves in. Jupiter wants to expand, in Capricorn the sign of condensed matter. Conjunct Pluto, a protracted death and rebirth process is occurring. The wisdom of the soul cannot be hemmed in. We access the inner worlds and fly to new dimensions of reality.

Saturn is now turning direct in Capricorn. Stationary at 25° the Lord of karma will slowly begin moving forward through the last degrees of Capricorn into Aquarius. This is the key turning in the cosmic lock. It will enter Aquarius just before the Winter Solstice heralding a new astrological age. Since Saturn re-entered Capricorn at the beginning of July, we have experienced more restrictions being introduced, despite an apparent lifting of the lockdown, with things now gearing towards a “second wave” with tighter control measures. With Saturn now moving direct, we can each decide what we will and will not accept in terms of restrictions on our sovereign space. Like the mountain goat, it is time to stand strong in our power and choose the right path, avoiding a course of action that would lead to our ultimate downfall. Every step is important. Every “yes” or “no” matters.

Mars is still squaring Saturn, and issues of restriction, male dominance and patriarchal control are prevalent. The divine feminine is needed to bring wisdom and grace into intractable situations. There is a deep purging of the male psyche underway, and the masculine aspect within us all. What does it mean to be truly assertive, without the aggression? What does it mean to live and let live, without placing restrictions on others? Saturn the controlling father is clashing with the male warrior energy. We have the artificial systems of control, and their associated agenda of violence, manipulation and perversion of the male energy. The wounded masculine self-perpetuates, and warriors of light are needed.

This full moon is a turning point, a moment of shifting and release. Coming towards the end of a geomagnetic storm that has been buffeting us all week, we have the opportunity for electromagnetic reset. The cleansing fire of Aries can clear all that has gone before, allowing you to connect with your inner purity. Nothing extraneous is needed. Just your pure essence, that spark of God within, will guide you on the next steps of your journey. The warrior of light is guided by the Light within. The essence of Aries is divine trust, seeded from divine impulse and pure action. The divine plan works when we all play our part.

Full Moon Blessings

Katy Sophia 30.09.2020

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